Smallprint loses trust

Another common theme that I have been writing about regularly since 2010 is the subject of “small print”.

This might seem like a relatively significant issue.   However a very high proportion of older people wear glasses and over 50% of them have some level of visual impairment.   As a consequence small print is a subtle way of disempowering older people.  It may not be intentional ageism, but it nonetheless makes life a little more difficult in completing many everyday activities.  Gradually older people become more marginalised and less independent.

As the grey market is ignored, as products are only available on the internet and as issues like the difficulty of reading small print, mean things are difficult to find, older people are gradually excluded from many activities of daily living.

The cartoons included in the gallery are listed below and can be found by clicking on the dates in the archive.  

Breakfast Exercise – 6th September 2010

Spectacle Wipes – 7th November 2010

Breakfast Exercise 3 – 20th February 2011

Breakfast Exercise 5 – 27th March 2011

Coke No Joke – 29th January 2012

I Spy Small Print – 7th November 2010

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These cartoons are about a less accessible world.  More and more products are difficult for old people to open.  Much of the helpful advice printed on packaging is in such small print as to be unreadable.  It only fulfils the company’s legal obligations but is certainly not “age friendly”.  This only serves to remind older people of their increasing frailty.

This blind ageism may not be deliberate but it is definitely inconsiderate.

In some circumstances, a more cynical person might say that it was intended to exploit the weaknesses of older people.

These are all signs of “times past” and values lost, when trust and personal service were a key to retaining repeat business.

The times when people and products could always be trusted, have now been replaced by:-

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 169

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2 Responses to Smallprint loses trust

  1. Dear Oh Dear, I am entering the older world. Yesterday i was recommend at the local hospital audmetry department for hearing aids, So I expect a lot of jokes about not hearing because I am not wearing my specticals. Never mind I do not have to listern or even ready some of your possible riebald comments, I just take the specs Off and let the mind do the wondering- Who the hell are You??? and what has that to do with the price of fish today!

  2. I trust ‘BUYER BEWARE’ does not deter one from a taite a taite on this chatty website. The cartoons are a revalation into what has been achieved, in helping to transmit the written word with jollity and amusement. I buy into the site and its mentor, i am not ‘Beware’ of any undue idealistics views, unless off course I open the progamme befor breakfast, and I have not eaten any red meat. Keep going Mr Graham, you bring sunshine into my day, as if the sun is rising at Dawn.

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