“No more pills”

This is the 500th post since I first started writing this blog in 2010.  Obviously now with my thousands of followers, my writing has become much more influential.  Nothing bears this out more than over the last two weeks.  At the beginning of this month I wrote a summary of all my posts on “Pills”, which has been a recurring theme over the last five years.  (Click on “Pills” in the TAG CLOUD to read them all again.)

Judging by recent headlines and articles in several newspapers, it seems as though a number of journalists and a host of doctors are finally thinking the same way about excessive use of pills.  Or maybe, in this flight of fancy they have been up in the clouds reading my blog :-).

The front page of The Times, May the 13th, heralded this new revelation with a headline:-

“Doctors urged to stop giving out so many useless treatments.”

The report was commenting on an article in the British Medical Journal by no less than an authority than Professor Dame Sue Bailey, the President of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. ??? Didn’t she win the X Factor three years ago ???

She pointed out that “far too many risky drugs and operations do not improve patients’ lives”.  This is a bold statement that is hardly likely to endear her to many of Britain’s 220,000 doctors, nor to the drug companies who make so much money out of pills, whether they work or not.  Patients’ high expectations of a cure are clearly a large part of the problem and Dame Sue suggests a new catchphrase for all clinicians:-

“Look, there is absolutely no point in having this”.

That is guaranteed to go down well with the patients!

At least the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be pleased with this new advice.  The Academy estimates that needless tests and treatments cost the NHS £2billion a year!

So, no cure at least helps cure austerity.


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3 Responses to “No more pills”

  1. Whether I take the PILL, or not it is still for me a pleasure to rock, rattle and roll in the aisles, and have that young feeling once again.

  2. I note in my responses to your reiterations Mr Graham, my english and spelling of certain words, or even my phraseology becames a little disjointed? However I trust the sentiment is there, and the overall meaning is understood. It reminds me I must take my pills daily, if I remember to keep my cost glossy and sleek, with a shine on it!

  3. davidf reeman says:

    I do like ‘Bob Martins’!!

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