Fruity Research and Rainbows

Another regular cartoon theme that I have been writing about, relates to research discoveries that help with the ravages of ageing.  Surprising potential cures for dementia, diabetes and strokes are all something I have written about in the last three years.

The cartoons included in the gallery are listed below and can be found by clicking on the dates in the archive.  

“Fruitful Research 7” – 24th March 2013 – Tomatoes cure heart disease

“Fruitful Research” – 11th January 2011 – Strawberries protect ageing brains

“Fruitful Research 2” – 23rd January 2011 – Beetroot juice prevents dementia

“Fruitful Research 3” – 30th January 2011 – Orange juice reduces blood pressure

“Fruit Juice Hopes Squashed” – 3rd July 2011 – Fruits juices’ hidden dangers

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There’s no guarantee that any of them work of course :-(!  Nonetheless they do give hope to many older people and keep them endlessly chasing the rainbow’s end of later life.

The only other thing they guarantee is that they keep universities occupied with a constant stream of research projects.

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3 Responses to Fruity Research and Rainbows

  1. Thats what I call fruity, freash to the market, and full of vigour, like a dusky old maid, to whom I may be speaking TOO? are you thre???

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    I remember that song ‘Rainbow’ by Russ Hamilton, in 1958/9, and the song on the reverse side, ‘We will make love’ All those memories wrapped up in a rainbow, with many vivid colours and memories comiing to mind: Wonderful!!!!

  3. the record company is ‘or was ‘ORIEL’ has that for memory??? But I do not remember what my breakfast contained, or was: However I did enjoy the breakfast.

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