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Fruity Research and Rainbows

Another regular cartoon theme that I have been writing about, relates to research discoveries that help with the ravages of ageing.  Surprising potential cures for dementia, diabetes and strokes are all something I have written about in the last three … Continue reading

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“Two Pomegranates”

It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about pomegranates.  (See my earlier blogs by clicking in the archive on December 2014 and look for “Too good to be true”).  Now like buses, two come along in quick succession. … Continue reading

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“Too good to be true”

When I was a child, pomegranates were an annual special treat in a Christmas stocking.  Ice cream was a more frequent reward, but only if you were good and only in the summer when the Mr Softee van came around, … Continue reading

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“A Stroke of Bad Luck” – a health ladder

I have written a lot since starting this blog about research into the right foods for maintaining a healthy diet in later life.   I have a strong self-interest in it, even though I am certainly not a health food fanatic, … Continue reading

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“Fruitful Research” 8

Some research is worth waiting for and almost too good to be believed ! All my earlier posts on this subject (see them by clicking on “Fruitful Research” in the TAG cloud) have been about eating healthy foods like fruit and … Continue reading

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“Fruitful Research” 7

In my never-ending search for a ladder to a healthy lifestyle, I am on a constant lookout for miracle cures. The New Year brings new hope from researchers at Cambridge University.    It looks like copious quantities of tomatoes must be added … Continue reading

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Tommy Graham’s Blogtoons on Fruit Juice

Since the GrumbleSmiles blog was started, we have been illustrating some of the posts with cartoons.  This post is the start of building a gallery of all the blogtoons. I’ve written a series of posts on the virtues of fruit … Continue reading

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“Fruitful Research” 6

Back in May I wrote about the virtues of carrot juice following some research from Baylor University in Texas – see “Fruitful Research” 4 dated 15th May 2011. Here is another thing to add to your daily diet, only this … Continue reading

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“Fruit Juice Hopes Squashed”

Just when I thought I had found the secret to eternal life, my hopes have been shattered. My earlier posts on “Fruitful Research” (9, 23, 30 January; 15 May; 26 June 2011) seemed to suggest that a glass or two … Continue reading

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“Fruitful Research” 5

There seems to be a new wonder fruit found almost every week that helps extend your life.  The problem now is keeping up with all the claims and even knowing what some of the fruits are and how to find … Continue reading

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