“Two Pomegranates”

It seems like only yesterday that I was blogging about pomegranates.  (See my earlier blogs by clicking in the archive on December 2014 and look for “Too good to be true”).  Now like buses, two come along in quick succession.

This time, researchers at the University of Huddersfield have published some findings in that well read every-doctors-surgery-magazine, the Journal of Molecular Nutrician & Food Research.

They studied pomegranate extract and found that it could prevent inflammation of brain cells, which could help stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

 ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 163

My last blog was sceptical about the research in case it was too closely linked to a pomegranate growing area where the research had been carried out.

This time I don’t think there are too many pomegranates grown in Huddersfield.  So all my Christmases have come at once after all 🙂

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1 Response to “Two Pomegranates”

  1. You dear ‘old sage’, where are your cells, brain or otherwise? You are now in Huddersfield, the home of finely woven worsted cloth for ladies and gents suiting, and the home of ICI dyestuffs division in my younger day?. Like Sunderland growing pineapples in many a field, you now suggest that Huddersfield grows orchards with Pomegranates in. My My what the local educational field or propogandager can sell you? Maybe you should not be thinking too much, but investing in a town, city or conurbation that makes incontinace pads (Panti pads) for the more mature but loose thinking elderly citezen? and blog about what their local Tech or Uni or even the Uni of the 3rd age (U3A) discusss?
    Is the result check mate when one fills ones draws? or a full house at poker? or mahjong when one finishes the game, with a pair? oh dear so many combinations? (Toilet humour) Good god sir, i must think of something brighter, and more enlightening, like pomegranates or pineapples?
    The world is your oyster, young man, But please do not take umbridge or offence! It is the season of good cheer and one needs a hayseed or two to spread a gospil or two????.

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