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Pangolin Wrangling

Pangolin wrangling is not with cattle, that would be too much of a battle. Pangolins prefer to wrangle with ants, rather than have them in your pants.   They round them up with their flapping tail and huddle them into a wooden … Continue reading

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Pangolin Premonition

Pangolins popped up in a TV quiz today so I know they haven’t gone away.   “Pangolins live in Asia and what other continent?” “Africa ! “. I said, because it was in my head. It just goes to show … Continue reading

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Pangolin Angling

Pangolins live on a diet of ants, which is generally quite boring. So sometimes they try new things and fish was recommended.   Down to the river bank, rod in hand. The pangolin meandered. But fish don’t give up easily … Continue reading

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Pangolin Mandolin

That pesky Pangolin is in my waking-head again. It’s not clear where he comes from, Or why or when.   It must be because it’s raining, That is obviously what brings Pangolins out. So here he is again.   This … Continue reading

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World Pangolin Day

Who would have guessed there would be, “World Pangolin Day”, and coincidence of coincidences , that is my birthday😀 I guess that is where I must have first heard the word. And pangolin must have lodged in my head. Just … Continue reading

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Pangolin Nonsense

Today I woke up with a pangolin 😀 it just popped into my head😇 l don’t know where it came from ? was it something that I said?   Pangolin was only only a word, rolling around in my brain. … Continue reading

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