Pangolin Wrangling

Pangolin wrangling is not with cattle,

that would be too much of a battle.

Pangolins prefer to wrangle with ants,

rather than have them in your pants.


They round them up

with their flapping tail

and huddle them into a wooden pail.


Sometimes Pangolins can spend all day,

chasing the ants that get away.

They see it as a matter of pride,

to find the ants wherever they hide.


Then they can eat them

at their leisure,

which gives them hours and hours of pleasure.


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4 Responses to Pangolin Wrangling

  1. ah dear! dad’s a poet, and I do’t know it.
    Read on MacDuff

  2. as a good pangolin[ground squirrel], I have hidden in my burrow for long enough Now????
    BodJ, Corbin, Sturgeon, Lib dems, the greens and the remnants f the Britext party lead by Nigel Farage, and Uncle Tom Cobbly, including the NI Parties and all???, have motored/toured around the UK, and broadcast on the TV and radio to anyone who may listen that this election 12 December 2019 is most critical!!!!
    I need to come above ground and vote, for whom I believe in-Right or wrong-?? But I hope aright for the UK Nation as a whole nation/unit, like the LLLP my vote may wind up in the asylum, locked away from the good, just and compassionate??? What the HELL?? I must be adult and vote!!! Tomorrow Thursday 12 December 2019 @ my polling station, as a responsible person! Who Cares much about the this UK Nation of ours.

  3. Saturday 14 December 2019. I have voted, the results are in. The ants are in my pants??? I must wait to see who or whom can be called ”’A leader of the pack”? Or am I still waiting with ants in my pants?? for that decision to be confirmed??
    What does one call a leader of ants? If it were a hive of bees it would be a ”QUEEN”??? are we awaiting to anoint someone: I wonder????

  4. I note from the web-Wikipedia the colony of ants revolve around a ”Queen”>???
    Question for you dear reader, Does the Palace and political parties for Westminster, revolve around a queen? Or are the ‘BOYS” in charge_ I wait with baited breath?????

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