Christmas is rapidly approaching and our politicians have sent out all their cards — although they call them manifestos.   They are full of New Year resolutions which they will drop after a week or so.   They have also promised loads of presents for everyone, which will turn out to be empty boxes when you unwrap them.   I hasten to add that all these presents are being bought with our own money.

So just before you vote, consider these promises by the Last Laugh Looney Party if we are elected we promise :-

  • Everyone will benefit from a new national minimum wage of £100,000 a year.
  • We will introduce a one day working week —- one day.
  • We will train 1 million new doctors, 1 million new nurses and a billion new hospital administrators, so that just about everyone can work in the NHS.
  • We will build a zillion new homes, although none of them will be in your back yard.
  • We welcome climate change so we can have sunny days every day, except in Scotland where it will rain until they vote out the SNP.

All this will happen if you believe in Santa Claus🤡

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2 Responses to LLLP FAIRY LAND

  1. Here I am in ‘GOTTY” Grottoland, sat on the knee of That person who brings wishes true! and delivers them in reality???
    Before I wake up, I wish to wish to send to all our readers, ”a Merry Christmas and a happy, but prosperous NEW YEAR”
    I may still have a wish? if I am offered the wishbone from The Roast Turkey on Christmas day: I just trust and hope one of my family get that wish as we tuck into our ”Scoff” and maybe, find that lucky silver thrupence or sixpence in the Pud??

  2. Glenda
    Looking at the above bloggs, and my initial response I note I quote ‘’GOTTY’’’ I assume you understand I meant ‘’GROTTY’’???? It is all in the mind, and as kids our nickname for a ‘Santa;s Grotto’.
    Now Talking, Listening, and commenting upon ‘’Things in a MEMORY’’? It can be emotional.
    I Wish to deep think for a moment or two with you dear reader- if that is OK? Please.
    My Mind?
    Last evening Sunday 8 December 2019 BBC1 TV @21.00 to 22,30 Hrs. I watched, enthralled Glenda Jackson in the drama -’Elizabeth is Missing’
    The programme and the lead actress Glenda Jackson, at the actual age of 83, was most enjoyable, and believable. The theme of the drama, made me think, and think hard? In the beginning, it centered in my mind on alzhmiers and dementia, and then the final closing scenes were actually {the role Glenda played/portrayed] of having her memories in dementia being brought to reality, and in fact what she {the character} had witnessed. Very sobering, and are we all mad?? or GAH GAhGAH? When we have our moments of dementia/alzhmiers? Do people believe the older generation, or are we all locked away to be admired by society, as of a world passed on?
    Glenda at 83 did a wonderful role of acting, remembering the intricacies of the role and its dialogue.
    ‘’THE END’’.

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