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“Peak Stuff”

Economists are funny people with some very strange ideas.   They are always forecasting things which rarely come true.   Today I read for the first time about the theory of “peak stuff”.  It is not a concept I have … Continue reading

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Decluttering Progress ????

This is my annual performance review of how well I have been doing with shedding the accumulation of ages. It has been a year and 63 blogs since I started my decluttering, almost to the day.   So what progress … Continue reading

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Clutter, Time, Space.

The link between clutter and time and space is endlessly interesting. At least it is if it’s raining and you’ve got nothing better to do. Clutter only accumulates over time. If you have more space you have room for more … Continue reading

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Best Before Never

It was only at the end of July that the Last Laugh Looney Party successfully concluded their Brexit negotiations with Mr Junket of  the European Union.  Finally they have agreed to ban all SMALL PRINT. (See my blog in the Archive dated 31st … Continue reading

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Maybe NOT Snowshill Manor at Kilsby !

Following on from my last blog about Snowshill Manor, I’ve had a discussion with Mo and she’s not too keen on the idea of moving into the garden sheds.  I am now having second thoughts about collecting even more clutter … Continue reading

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Maybe Snowshill Manor at Kilsby ?

Following on from my earlier blog about my recent visit to Snowshill Manor, I have had a thought :- What if I were to do a Snowshill Manor approach to de-cluttering at our home in Kilsby ? We would not … Continue reading

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Snowshill Manor Clutter

I went to Snowshill Manor in Gloucestershire recently and it gave me a whole new perspective on clutter.     The guy who owned it originally, Mr Charles Paget Wade, was an architect who liked collecting things.      All … Continue reading

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