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GP’s Charging Fees?

l seem to write a blog about GP’s every year.  ( You can see all my earlier posts by clicking on “GP’s” in the TagCloud ) They are the first call in managing the nation’s health and a vital gatekeeper … Continue reading

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“GPs under pressure”

The BMA is the professional body that represents  the 40,000 GPs in the UK.    However it is increasingly acting like a militant trade union. Their latest proposition to their members is a handbook of advice with a list of … Continue reading

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“The £10 GP Toe”

In recent weeks lots of stories have been appearing in the press and on TV about the pressures put on the NHS, particularly by the increasing numbers and increasingly frail elderly population.  This of course has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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“GP’s Cry for Help”

The Chair of the British Medical Association GP Committee recently gave a warning that the family doctor system is “imploding” under the weight of more patients who are increasingly frail.  Dr Nagpaul claimed they were doing 40 million more appointments … Continue reading

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” Disappearing G.P.’s “

Years ago, or maybe it is just in my rose-tinted imagination, I seem to think that if you wanted to see your Doctor, your own personal Doctor, you just turned up at the surgery and after a little wait,   …….   there … Continue reading

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“Left in the Dark”

In this “World Dementia Month” the Alzheimer’s Society have again highlighted the fact that the majority of people in this country with signs of dementia still go undiagnosed. Here are their estimated figures for Britain:- 766,000 people thought to have … Continue reading

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“A Questionable Bonus” – 2

Back in April this year I wrote a blog which questioned an idea being considered by Health Minister – Paul Burstow.  Perhaps he should have been reading it, because recent research seems to support what I was saying. About a … Continue reading

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