GP Satisfaction Levels

I have written quite a bit about GP’s since I started this blog.   They are the doorway to health services in the NHS and they are gatekeepers to NHS Services.     They were once universally venerated members of the community, but that view seems to be changing.

A recent report by the British Attitude Survey showed that satisfaction with GP services had fallen from 80% in 2009 down to 65% last year.   This is a substantial drop.     What could it be about ?

  • Difficulty in getting appointments ?
  • Time taken to see the doctor ?
  • Not seeing the same doctor ?
  • Shortage of time with the doctor ?
  • Too many pills ?
  • Not enough pills ?
  • No pills ?
  • Not enough GP’s ?
  • GP’s not available at weekends ?
  • GP’s excessively using Locum doctors ?

It could be any, all or none of the above things and every GP practice is different.    My own practice is excellent, but from press coverage in the last few years, not everyone’s is a good.   This survey seems to confirm that.

In comparison with a commercial business, even 80% customer  satisfaction would be worrying, but 65% would be disastrous !


Obviously, the service they provide is not entirely in their own hands.   The endless problems of the NHS undoubtedly impact on how GP’s are perceived.    Equally the increasing numbers of older people will be placing more demands on GP’s.

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2 Responses to GP Satisfaction Levels

  1. incredible, when one is confronted with statistics! What has happened to that human connection between physians and patients. While the telly goes on about that telephone number ”111”, on my recent visit to the surgery, that message was repeated together with A&E, so no wonder the baffled, lonely and slightly infirmed first ring ”999” to obtain an instant response from a friendly voice on a telephone, and maybe a visit from a paramedic in the first instance, or if they need back up because of a slip or fall, or some other ailment they need that extra help of a fully qualified ambulance crew.
    It is a sad indictment of our times, and a home visit by a doctor is a wish too far?? WE have been health fodder in a machine of ailments, and illness? Again gone has that personal touch and we must rely upon our own telephonic communication skills, and in some cases not fully appreciated what the politicians and managers of the ‘NHS’ would label as ”abuse” of the health system?
    Can we all learn to appreciate what we have, and that the physians, nurses and practitioners, are just as vulnerable as we are in trying to provide a personal, caring service

  2. well I am blowed! Todays Daily Mail Monday 5th. March, had a piece within the pages concerning health, and general health advice.
    Blue moon, blue Mood, and a mobile telephone blue screen are described as affecting health, the first one, happy memories, the second a bad temper, and the third [blue screen] bad for ones eyesight, and concentration? Now they the writer gallops on about dietary advice, and those natural fats. Everything is bad according to the ”gods” of the healthcare industry.
    However the footnote of the piece brings me relief { a dash to the loo before I wet myself} stating that alcohol has a good, or possibly a good effect on the body, if done in moderation, and what ever the conclusion, have a drink, turn out the lights and enjoy the headache, while resting in bed???

    ”Spherical objects” I say and what was the is the volume of a sphere 4/3PIE r cubed.
    It is all balls???

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