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Film Watching Exercise

Research certainly gets into some unusual areas these days and reaches some interesting conclusions ! Scientists at University College London did some research recently into how films can increase you heart rate.     That must have been a very … Continue reading

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“Lapsed Tai Chi”

I used to do Tai Chi early in the morning in the garden most days of the week……..a while ago………..a good while ago !       Recently I have noticed my joints are much stiffer and my breathing is … Continue reading

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“Active Ageing”

Britain’s chief medical officers issued new guidance on exercise this month.  It was a straight forward and encouraging report because it emphasised that moderate exercise was good for you.  No need to be working up a sweat in the gym … Continue reading

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“Breakfast Exercise” 6

The New York Times regularly has good coverage on ageing. Recently I was sent a very interesting article entitled “Tai Chi eases depression in elderly”, by someone who knows it is a regular early morning pastime of mine. The report … Continue reading

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“Walk for Life” 2

Although they have not yet won the London marathon,  it seems like the Americans are catching up with us. Back in November last year, I wrote about some research from Bangor University extoling the virtues of 30 minute sessions of … Continue reading

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“Breakfast Exercise” 4

Teased out into the garden today, the allure of the first signs of spring, and the need to throw off my winter cold.  Started my Tai Chi routine but the deep breathing still inhibited by my blocked nose.  The antibiotics … Continue reading

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“Walk for life”

This is the conclusion of a review done by Bangor University of recent research into where best to exercise.  The study points out that exercising outdoors is better at helping your mind to relax.  It helps cut anger, fatigue and … Continue reading

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Breakfast Exercise

I am trying to lead a healthy life now I am retired.  So I start most days with Tai Chi in the back garden.  Half an hour of light stretching and gentle exercise improves breathing and balance as well as … Continue reading

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