Film Watching Exercise

Research certainly gets into some unusual areas these days and reaches some interesting conclusions !

Scientists at University College London did some research recently into how films can increase you heart rate.     That must have been a very popular subject for the students who offered to assist with the research.   They monitored 51 cinema goers as they watched “Aladdin” and found that compared to people reading books, viewing  films increased your heart rate by between 40 and 60%.   Equivalent to light cardiovascular exercise.

You have to wonder how much better the results would have been if they had watched Mad Max 3 or Dirty Dancing or Grease or Chariots of Fire.  All of those have more than enough exercise and excitement and probably raise your heart rate even more.  So as long as you don’t have a heart attack during the movie, this could be a really good way of exercising.  Perhaps a precaution though, the cinema manager should at least have a defribulator readily available and for particularly exciting films, maybe St John’s Ambulance should be parked outside the cinema.

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Joseph Devlin, said  the results were in no way influenced by the fact that his research project was commissioned by Vue Cinemas.

Next term his students are already signing up to do research when the new Star Wars movie is released 😀

The latest  Government Health Minister, whoever that is this week, is expected to announce that cinema tickets will soon be issued to patients with high blood pressure as part of his new initiative on social prescribing .

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1 Response to Film Watching Exercise

  1. In the buff-films
    Dear John, this is a missive, with no apologies! You have sent my mind at 77 years of age racing, and beating, fast, while my mind is all confused, and my past life rushes past my eyes, and in my minds eye like a ‘’will o’ the whisp’’, I am at a loss as to how the be gentle with you in my response?
    I have been unable to trace the erudite quotes, you so elegantly claim about films watched by the subject persons, and research students? I notice in your picci/sketch of ‘him and her’ sat in a cinema seat are wearing 3D special spectacles, they are viewing true life? May I ask? I note the grey bonnet and the hairless images, no doubt of age??
    I have just finished surfing the NET/WEB for PhD and MsD and MPhilD in Film studies on the UCL site, what a task. I note for studying films full time the costs [Only overseas students are quoted £21.850 and Part time quoted £10,860], alas to a well endowed Oldie a mere pittance to start a study course_ However there is a catch? Full Time studies take 3 years and part time 6years, so one must adjust ones pocket to the lifespan left, and the health of the ‘’ticker’’ which is the purpose of the studies-Yes/No??? It does not end there should you be of foreign tongue, {Gaelic/welsh} as a UK citizen { or from foreign lands not of English Tongue}, then you or ‘one’ is advised to attended a 12 week english course, or if confident an 8 week course, supported by the university entry requirements at a cost of [12 weeks]-£6650 and [8Weeks]- £5650, another costings to ones pocket. But Hey! If you doubt all this one can attend, an approved academic course in LONDON UCL for 12 months, of if in doubt 18 Months, then you can have a teachers note to say you can speak and understand english as spoken/written and conversed in.
    Have you got all this you old ‘foeggies’ retired on a pension, and limited life expectancy ahead.
    Resummea- You may have dole out a total of approx £30k and committed one to 7 years 6 months of life expectancy. I politely ask what is life about as an ‘OLDIE’ watching and studying all these films?
    I have enjoyed, and am still enjoying life! My film watching and studying these days is enjoyment and emotional memories, and thoughts, if the old ‘Ticker’ konks’ out, I trust I go out with a smile, I do not necessarily need a MsD of PhD in films to tell me or report my emotions, I realise I may have filled my pants, or wet my knickers, but that;s life as one gets older. I just relax in my chair, put on the telly, and watch Netflix-Drama-film4- or some other channel??? I may wish to watch a programme-film, which takes me on occasions back to my youth, as a merchant seaman. On board ship we had films;many a horse opera and John Wayne as a cowboy or cavalry officer, sorting the good from the bad, and hopelessly falling in love with the ‘Heroine’ All that ‘bu—–t’ making the grass grow greener in the officers saloon on film nights. Then in port, Ah! Well, many a bar on the dockside, and windows to admire in streets such as Amsterdam-Skipper street, Antwerp had another den of iniquity, Herbert Strasser-Hamburg, and that occasional film of some bird hanging from a coat hook enjoying Knookie’, not forgetting the innocent fun of the Reaper Bahn and the beer kellier the ‘Zillatelle’. All this excitement while at an age, I suspect when these current student are studying for a MsD or PhD at I assume the age I was then at sea? Is it education or is it called life????
    Answers on a post card please to the usual address.

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