£Trillion Zimmers

This post follows on from my initial idea of what older people could do collectively with their £4.7 trillions of savings currently locked in their houses.  I’ve put forward several ideas already but this one reflects the stereo typical view that most people have of elderly people.   So here’s a humurous and inexpensive way of changing that perception.

What if we buy every older person a Zimmer frame?   Even if they don’t need it.   Then they can all walk slowly around holding up the traffic and getting in the way of young people rushing along with their heads down texting on their mobile phones.
Zimmers could be fitted with headlights and horns.   Most importantly a space could be included on the front of the Zimmer frame for sponsored advertising.

This quiet demonstration could be held in every town, every Friday, henceforth to be known as “Zimmer Fridays”.  Eventually the politicians, both local and national, would realise that it is in their interest to make towns and cities and all their public spaces, much more age friendly.




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3 Responses to £Trillion Zimmers

  1. finger up BUM! mind in neutral time???? Contemplation?

  2. Aide-mémoire,
    Well! I never the ‘Oldies again’’ this time with a zimmer?
    Who is calling who? A problem? I just wonder? As I look out of my window in my retirement village I see the parking lots: What is there: people carriers; Nissan Dukes;Hitachi and ;landrover;VW and the other Korean Car Company/ Mitsubushi, all producing cars for the modern ageing demographic population:- with leg room for a driver and front passenger, a large boot, but more importantly comfortable individual higher seats then the stand saloon for the younger generation, where one slides into the seat, and steps out of the seat after a journey, without having that drop down into a seat, and then that uncomfortable and sometimes impossible ‘Climb Out’, with all the aches and pains.
    The boot space is ample for that ‘ZIMMER/Walker’, or if one is a newby to old age 75+ the modern mobility shops are selling those smaller desirable mobility scooters that are ‘fit for purpose’ Light/fold up/ sufficient battery power, maybe for a 3/4 hour continuous use at ones destination.
    I set off to my local shopping centre, and all the ‘Bling and gaudy’ shops to fill my time in and let Molly enjoy that stroll, around TK Macs/Primarts/M&S/John Lewis/WH Smiths/Waterstones/Debenhams, andthen the smaller outlets.
    On the way to the shopping centre one is engaged in driving at a respectable 45/50mph, at my age not bad, but the younger drivers both male and female, find me a nuisance [I suspect], at rounder-bouts, traffic lights I feel like an orange, being peeled from the left/right hand side-They do not peep or flash lights, one just has to be aware of ones surroundings=Maybe the bus is safer? Should it run to where I wish to go? I get to the car park, I am not a blue badge holder? Mores the pity, and then the free for all for a parking spot.
    Now the shopping centre, I am not alone I am amidst the grey haired majority, and what strikes me are the mobility aids, and congestion around the walkways and inner shop lifts, amongst the prams and younger children are ‘’the oldies’’ with their mobility walkers and the new fangled and not so new fangled mobility traction mobility scooter, all repeated at the single point cash desks/check outs!
    So you see JOHN what I may be suggesting is that society has too many Oldies? And their accutriaments, so what was your beef? Dear Sir? We are the voting public, are we considerate towards the younger generation? We all have to live in this ‘Goldfish Bowl’ called life, we must teach and practice tolerance/understanding and compassion for each of us? We need each other to survive?
    I ask the elephant in the room the question? What is the average age of the UK’s Motorist/motor cyclist, and is that you dear reader???
    Do we need DLVC Swansea to issue the following= ownership licenses for mobilty aids, and medicals for the over 75’s to be a motorist or motor cyclist, or a mobility scooter in pedestrianised areas??
    Answers on a postcard to the usual mailbox please?

  3. I note the blog above from John has closing statements that it is preferred that the oldies,been seen in the community, healthy and mobile, making noises and brandishing information and ideas that the oldies should be visible and not occupying hospital beds_Blocking the treatment of other citizens of the UK Towns, shall we say the working and younger persons.
    YOU may note the above ribald comments I have made ? Is that you may see state the oldies occupy all sorts of social walks of life on a multitude of occasions??? In may be facts as I see them, but then we all have to be just/compassionate and more tolerant for those less able of the standards we may expect as individuals.
    Comments on a post card if required? to the normal address.

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