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“Scam Post Defrauds Elderly”

I have written a lot about the postal service over the years because of the virtue it has for keeping older people in touch with friends and relatives.   For this reason, I am a great supporter of the Royal … Continue reading

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“Happy Finnish Post”

I haven’t given up on de-cluttering, but as it’s the New Year, I thought I should get back to also writing more generally about other issues for older people.  Therefore, in the coming weeks, I will publish blogs about clutter … Continue reading

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End to Junk Mail

I have written a lot about the postal service, because I think it remains an essential lifeline for many older people and means an occaisional visit from a friendly face.  ( To  read my earlier blogs click on “Grumblesmiles Post” in the … Continue reading

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“Mixed Bag”

50 is  magic number at the Royal Mail:- 50 is the number of bits of junk mail sent to all 29 million addresses in Britain every year. That represents 50% of all the 54 million items of daily post. 50 … Continue reading

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Tommy Blogtoons on the Postal Service

Since the GrumbleSmiles blog was started, we have been illustrating some of the posts with cartoons.  This is the second post in building a gallery of all the blogtoons. I’ve written a series of posts on the virtues of the … Continue reading

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“Post Script”

I can’t remember now what prompted me to start writing about the postal service, other than the fact that Royal Mail remains a lifeline of contact for many elderly people who have not and never will, master e-mail. (See earlier … Continue reading

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“Grumble Post 4”

No less a person than the ever headline-seeking Caroline Spelman – Environment Secretary, must have been reading my blog.  She obviously shares my concerns about the postal service. Look in the TAG CLOUD for earlier posts by clicking on “Grumblesmile … Continue reading

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