Return To Sender

It’s years since I have written about junk mail.   It’s six years ago that I started writing about it when there was much talk in the then Government about limiting it.   In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if somewhere we haven’t either got a Minister for junk mail or at least an ombudsman type regulator.   (See the previous post by clicking on February 2013 in the archive). 

Like everyone else, I have given up trying to stem the tide of junk mail that floods in through the letter box each day.   And anyway the post lady is very nice and I don’t want to see her out of a job.   So I keep on sifting and sorting the unwanted post before I throw it in the recycle bin.   We will just have to do without the Amazon rain forest.

One of today’s letters really made me stop and think.   It was from Green Space UK with, and I quote — “ Important information about my conservatory”.   It was about changes in the planning regulations and how Green Space UK could help me to upgrade my conservatory into a room you can use.    What’s more they were even offering me a Substantial Subsidy.

Well you can always do with another room in your house, so I set about looking for my conservatory.    I looked everywhere, although it is strange that I haven’t seen it before, we have been here nearly 40 years !    It is definitely not inside, so I went and checked outside and although there were plenty of sheds, I couldn’t find a conservatory anywhere.

I wonder what Green Space UK know that I don’t.   Maybe they have a fleet of drones that fly all over the UK  searching out conservatories.   If so I wish they would tell me where mine has gone to, because I wouldn’t want to miss out on that Substantial Subsidy.

And I could do with the extra room to store all the junk mail I get !

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3 Responses to Return To Sender

  1. dear oh! dear! here we are at the far end of a fart? yes a fair wind! and I now welcome postie to know they are on their rounds, but the junk mail? well that’s the invasive rubbish I now get on the web, and in my email inbox or scam box, junk box. I can delete all the undesirables, and do so, but the more I delete the more i appear to receive from new sources.: it is a never ending battle.
    I prefer ‘postie’ and the junk hard mail’ I can at least recycle it? and it does bring a friendly face to my door, and it is green and recyclable, and again they have had to pay an agent,or employ one {royal Mail] to spend their ‘gospel’? Is it the way and the word of the ”LORD”, you tell me??
    I am eager to find out.
    Oh dear, I just past wind? and touched cloth!!!

  2. Mirror-reflections
    I am now gently looking at my self in the mirror, and contemplating my navel, gazing at that handsome figure I once was?? If ever?
    In my younger life I dreamt of a car, in reality, my wife Molly bought our first car: a Hillman minx 1960 registration then in 1973/4 a ‘banger’ with her term life insurance £100 honoured by the ‘PRU’ a shilling paid weekly at the door by Molly’s Mum and Dad.
    Now as I consider the today’s television advertisements, especially those by Volksvagen, I should be , we should be investing in a shining, glittering, and silent pussy cat of a motor, all powered by that modern idiom called ‘Electricity’, wonderful. The cost is beyond me, the charging stations in my area are difficult to locate and even more remote if I travel out of my geographical area, and the mileage range of the car, driven in today’s heavy traffic a mystery?
    We are all encouraged to modernise, go green, recycle, and use ‘reusable energy’ in our daily life?
    I just wonder, where is it all leading us too, extremely noble ideas, and the best of intentions.
    Return to sender is the heading of this blog by John; I looking in the mirror reflect at the image I am?
    – Not a petrol head, but born in the times of fossil fuels, radio transmissions, the telephone [not wi-fi and mobiles], television to the masses was in its infancy, and one shopped at the local shop, or for weekly rations at the Co-oP.
    The web was unheard of and the ‘internet’ something yet to come, it was all in something ‘Hush-hush’ at Bletchley Park.
    My first memory of ‘’Return to Sender’’ was my singing hero Elvis Priesley, and his ballad ‘RETURN TO SENDER’,and just at this time I became an apprentice marine engineer cadet, with a british shipping company, and the full meaning of that song, or phrase ‘return to sender’ became a reality! As did a letter which started with the words ‘DEAR JOHN’. It is all water under the bridge of life now, as I enjoy my life with Molly and some 63 years married.
    Memory plays some strange tricks, and the modern ‘Electric VW’ what will it bring to me personally? An electric hearse and an electric oven all powered batteries and source by wind or water power, as I descend up the chimney to pollute the world I once knew, and I proceed to the next world?
    A mere passing wind?

  3. Discussing in detail-”WIND” and reading about it in the political pages of the media? All seems to be fine, not blustery or stormy, but ‘FAIR’ AND ‘GENTLE’? I do not have a hair out of place in my ‘bouffant styled bonnet?
    What a load of cobblers, and a good reason to ‘whistle in the wind’, Boris is threatening a general election! Question will he deliver on his new promises, as well as ‘BREXIT’ that horny old subject matter? It gives , or makes me bilious and I feel I have a thorn in my side??
    Did someone suggest on this web site, they may be standing for the LLLP?? all is forgiven, can the candidate in time, make sense of the political scene in the UK at the moment???

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