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“Coffee cures wrinkles”

Ever in the search to stay looking young, older women are always willing to try new ways to banish wrinkles! Way back in May 2010, I first wrote about rather scary laser treatment which burns the skin off your face!  … Continue reading

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“I Spy – small print”

“I spy with my little eye” was a fun game when I was a child.  We especially used to play it to pass the time on long journeys with my parents in the car.  No motorways then and roads which … Continue reading

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Take the money or open the box

James Dyson must have been a fan of the old TV quiz game “Take your Pick”.  We bought one of his acclaimed cyclone vacuum cleaners today but did not realise that unwrapping the box the vacuum cleaner came in would be such a … Continue reading

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Wrinkly Smiles

Who says wrinkles are bad?  The cosmetics industry do for sure.  Treatments come on the market almost every day. Here is one of the latest good news products:- A laser treatment that promises a new complexion after only one 40 … Continue reading

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