“Coffee cures wrinkles”

Ever in the search to stay looking young, older women are always willing to try new ways to banish wrinkles!

Way back in May 2010, I first wrote about rather scary laser treatment which burns the skin off your face!  The blog was called “Wrinkly Smiles”.  Then rather more happily, I blogged about research that seemed to suggest that eating chocolates were the answer.  This was on the 29 May 2011 called “Dream Chocolates”.

Now a new caffeine based product from America is laying claim to getting rid of wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes by using an”Eye Roller”, whatever that is!  When first launched on the Boots website, it sold out in 2 hours!


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1 Response to “Coffee cures wrinkles”

  1. Well I never, this blogg has a cure suggestion for everyone? Me it is flatulance-What a load of wind you pass off as intelligent conversation> If I am lucky I may not touch cloth with such merriment, good job I only drink a little coffe? Otherwise I may be browned off and write some cryrtic remark in these coloumns.
    I do like a wty smile in the morning when I wake up, and after breakfast: Just like a baby I have to be winded, Loverly, Keep going John, you may find a cure for old age, that has an effect on how to improve ones body and off course bodily functions.

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