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“No more useful years”

Medication is becoming more and more expensive as new drugs are developed all the time. The Government’s way of keeping the lid on the cost is to use the inappropriately named “National Institute for Clinical Excellence” – NICE – as … Continue reading

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“Compensation not Care”

There’s been much talk in the press recently about the legal profession playing a more active role in policing the quality of care delivered in the NHS.  No doubt the “no win, no fee” lawyers will have a field day … Continue reading

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“Cold Comfort”

Some time ago, I wrote in a tongue-in-cheek way about there needing to be a lawyer on every hospital ward to help improve patient care. (Click on February 2012 in the ARCHIVE and see “Untold Pressure” and then “Legal Eagles or … Continue reading

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“Untold Pressure”

An excellent article by Kate Wighton in The Daily Mail on 31st January 2012, highlighted the incidence of pressure sores in the NHS. Without any sense of irony, it was included in the section of the paper under the banner … Continue reading

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“Physio – no – Therapy”

A recent audit of physiotherapy services by the Chartered Institute of Physiotherapists, found that patients in the NHS are having to wait more than six months for the service. The report adds that delays mean patients’ conditions deteriorate, leading to … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain” 6

I first wrote something on this subject over 10 months ago using a banner headline taken from the front page of The Daily Mail.  It championed a cause led by the Patients Association to do something about the appalling care … Continue reading

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“Do-it-yourself Healthcare”

When measuring blood pressure, the “white coat” effect is not a new phenomenon – it’s been known about for almost a century.  When patients go to see their doctor, many are understandably anxious and this raises their blood pressure.  Hence … Continue reading

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“Sugaring the Pill”

When I was a child and not very well, my mother used to give me a spoonful of jam to get me to swallow any tablets or take any nasty medicine.  Most children have an inborn dislike of pills and potions.  … Continue reading

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“Musical Interlude”

A little while ago I read a negative article about a hospital patient being given a tambourine to summon a nurse.  I recently re-read the report more carefully and it set me thinking —– this no doubt well-intended, if thoughtless idea, … Continue reading

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“Short Sighted Cuts”

Visual impairment affects more than half of older people and I am not talking about the many people who need glasses to improve their eyesight.  I am talking about the point where deteriorating vision begins to limit your daily life.  … Continue reading

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