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Standard Life insurance ????

Once upon a time, in the days of real people, before the advent of the internet I took out a life insurance.   It was fourty six years ago give or take a year or two.   I hardly remember … Continue reading

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£Trillion – Give it all back

All of my earlier ideas for how older people could use the accumulated wealth in all their assets, have been directed at raising the profile of older people in society.    At the moment they are too often forgotten or … Continue reading

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£Trillion Dogs

I’ve already come up with several ideas of how the £Trillion locked up in older peoples’ assets could be better used to more fully appreciate and integrate older people into society. So here’s a big idea from Coco🐶 What about … Continue reading

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£Trillion Zimmers

This post follows on from my initial idea of what older people could do collectively with their £4.7 trillions of savings currently locked in their houses.  I’ve put forward several ideas already but this one reflects the stereo typical view … Continue reading

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Film Watching Exercise

Research certainly gets into some unusual areas these days and reaches some interesting conclusions ! Scientists at University College London did some research recently into how films can increase you heart rate.     That must have been a very … Continue reading

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£Trillion Young Helpers

With older people’s new found wealth, the most obvious thing to do is to offer them  a little help whenever they need it.   So how about a scheme to employ young people to help older people to forge greater … Continue reading

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£Trillion Ideas

Here’s the first idea for spending  our new found wealth and having fun, by showing how important older people are in society.     As a result of our politicians being so ineffective in the last ten years, older people … Continue reading

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