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LLLP Derailment.

I have been surfing around looking for welfare benefits solutions for what seems like an age.  So this weekend I am going to have a break and write about some thing different. Ever since the Last Laugh Looney Party has been … Continue reading

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Banking Security

My money is safe in the bank.    So safe I can’t get at it ! My bank card expires at the end of the month and normally a few weeks before that I am automatically sent a new one. … Continue reading

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LLLP and Trump

Once again the Last Laugh Looney Party has been brought back to assist Prime Minister, Mrs Maynever.     This time it was at the world leaders summit ——- the World Economic Forum at the Swiss luxury resort of Davos. … Continue reading

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Blog Koan?

If a tweet equals 142. How many characters does it take to make a conversation?  

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Doggy Rush Hour.

Every Monday is a very special day for dogs in Kilsby.    You have to get your owner up nice and early, and get out and about before the bin men come.    This is the day when everyone puts … Continue reading

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Weather Koan

Another wet and wind-torn day, the weather just won’t go away.   Setting the disturbed mood of awakening, but the outlook will soon change.   A bright new dawn awaits. Time to get the wind in your sails.

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Pill Rationing

I seem to be addicted to writing about pills and it is obviously catching. Because as fast as I write about it more and more articles appear in the media on the same topic.  (You can read all my earlier … Continue reading

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