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Second Unicorn Ramble

We are on a roll with ideas for unicorn start-up companies specifically for the older generation.   It may not be so easy to get out and about as you used to, but what if you could virtually accompany someone … Continue reading

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New Year Virtual Ramble

This is a continuation of my ramble through Silicon Valley and stumbling on the magical mythical unicorn.    This is geekie speak which I will explain, before we start.     A “unicorn company” is a start-up tech business that … Continue reading

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A New Year Ramble

This New Year 2018 morning I rambled, or more like stumbled, into the new world of techie Silicon Valley.    I don’t even know how I got there,  I just got there out of the clouds.  In the dim not … Continue reading

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Rambling into Snakes and Ladders

A grey old rainy cold day.   Not exactly ideal weather for rambling—- unless it’s indoors around the internet. Somehow from nowhere I found myself thinking about snakes and ladders.   Why I don’t know?     I had a … Continue reading

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Rambling 😩Injury

I have only been rambling for a few days and already I am struggling to reach peak fitness. Perhaps I have overdone it walking to the pub.  Now I have got a pain in my leg.   Somebody suggested it … Continue reading

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