New Year Virtual Ramble

This is a continuation of my ramble through Silicon Valley and stumbling on the magical mythical unicorn.    This is geekie speak which I will explain, before we start.     A “unicorn company” is a start-up tech business that reaches $1billion dollars or more in market value.      They often have meaningless names that give no indication of what they do, e.g. Air BNB, Uber, Spotify, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook.    They are well-known and well used everyday by many young people, but are mystifying to most of the older generation.

So what unicorns might be developed specifically for the Baby Boomer generation? Beyond Zimmer frames and pills for the ill.

Here are a few fun ideas to make life more interesting :-

  • Virtual Rambling Holidays —— where you attach yourself to an intrepid wanderer who has a camera and an iPhone  to send back live pictures of their travels.      You can email encouragement along the way and even suggest route diversions to things you would like to see.   You can also ask for souvenirs to be purchased sent to you on your virtual travels.   All from the comfort of your own home.   You may wish to sponsor the wanderer to take your requested diversions or suggest they visit your friends.     A cheap and easy way to tour the world.
  • Flash Mob Pub Club ——all arranged on-line, you join a group of ‘friends’ on a trip to the pub.  A trip is confirmed if at least five people sign up to go.   Five gives you the security of knowing that at least there will be some virtual friends that you know.  Anyone who doesn’t turn up has to pay for the drinks or is kicked out of the club.   Trips don’t have to stop at the pub, anywhere people want collectively to go is an option, so long as there is a stop-off for a drink somewhere.

I wonder if either of these could be unicorn start-up ideas?  Maybe I could become a rambling billionaire.

There will be more in my next ramble…………

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2 Responses to New Year Virtual Ramble

  1. Alex Robinson says:

    Hi John
    Great ideas but they already exist!
    The best virtual rambler is Google Streetview and you do not even have to bribe her to follow diversions.
    As for organising get-togethers with friends, try Doodle and for paying for rounds of drinks there are loads of options such as PayPal.
    But keep coming up with the ideas because if you find a new one we can share the billion dollars (via PayQuik of course!)

  2. Excellent an explaination of the finer points of the web

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