Second Unicorn Ramble

We are on a roll with ideas for unicorn start-up companies specifically for the older generation.   It may not be so easy to get out and about as you used to, but what if you could virtually accompany someone for a day or more?     Following a live video link with instant text communication and feedback.    Here’s a possible new App with a suitable, geeky name.


A virtual shadow for just about anything legal.   E.G.:-

  • How about climbing a mountain virtually by accompanying a miked up mountaineer with a camera on his/her head.  You can encourage the progress they are making at every rest station.
  • Virtually being on board a sailing boat crossing the ocean – something that most people won’t be able to do in a lifetime.
  • Watching a potter make a pot (just like the TV “interlude” video, if you’re old enough to remember it) and this time being able to influence what they make.  Maybe even able to purchase the end product.
  • Telling an artist what type of painting you would like and then observing them complete it.
  • Going virtually on a live guided tour of an art gallery or a museum and able to ask your own questions.
  • Shadowing someone in a job for the day to see what is  involved :- A butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker or anything else you can think of.

We could have an army of adventurers and experts, all wired up and ready to go, supported by a group of sponsoring virtual followers.

Surely that must be another geeky unicorn idea just waiting to be snapped up.


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1 Response to Second Unicorn Ramble

  1. My heart says yes, my head would question, how many in anyone adventure??? Would it be community involvement? And whom or who would have the integrety and disgression, for the ongoing conversation, and misdemeanors of doubtful questions! If conversations where held on a social site{say facebook or Twitter}? Just a passing thought.
    I know i have a free running tongue and talk too much!!! Together with an empty head?

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