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Film Watching Exercise

Research certainly gets into some unusual areas these days and reaches some interesting conclusions ! Scientists at University College London did some research recently into how films can increase you heart rate.     That must have been a very … Continue reading

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“Wine not ?”

Chief Medical Officers are obviously not party animals.   In November last year I was looking forward to a few drinks at Christmas, and a few more on Boxing Day, and a few more in the days that followed.   … Continue reading

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Booming Happy !

My blogs at the start of 2016 have had a grumbly theme in spite of my best efforts. Unhappy GP’s dominated my early thoughts — I must recommend them a pill to lift their mood 😄   Then my mind … Continue reading

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“Hear This”

Nearly a third of people aged between 65 and 74 have a hearing impairment and this increases to nearly half of people over 75.   These are staggeringly high figures and yet you would not know it just from walking … Continue reading

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“Feel Good, Heal Good”

Since January this year, I have been collecting some of the headlines in the press which relate to elderly people to get a sense of how they are currently perceived.    If you have been reading this blog for some … Continue reading

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Fruity Research and Rainbows

Another regular cartoon theme that I have been writing about, relates to research discoveries that help with the ravages of ageing.  Surprising potential cures for dementia, diabetes and strokes are all something I have written about in the last three … Continue reading

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“A Glimmer of Dementia Hope”

Once again the Journal of Gerontology has published some interesting research on ageing. The researchers studied 6,500 British people aged between 50 and 90 and examined their cognitive decline over 8 years.  To check their mental ability, they used word … Continue reading

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