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“Legal Eagles or Vultures 2”

The Mail on Sunday has reused one of my blog post ideas, although it took them four years to do it. Back in 2012 I wrote a series of blogs about the legal profession pursuing more and more claims against … Continue reading

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“Home Alone”

This blog follows on from “Feel Good Inaction” (to see it click on previous post in the ARCHIVE, 20th May 2012), which was written in response to an open letter to the Prime Minister from 78 charities, calling for action … Continue reading

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“Dementia Unravelled”

Only a few days ago I was writing my last blog on dementia. (look up Dementia under TOPICS)  “Dementia Puzzle” commented on a simple activity programme for sufferers of early stage dementia and I went on to talk about the ExtraCare’s … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain” 4

ST DAVID’S DAY REFLECTION February 2011 was quite a momentus month of news about the elderly.  I don’t think I can remember a month with so many front page headlines and numerous graphic accounts of neglect of the elderly.  Not … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain 3”

The blaze of publicity in the Daily Mail about the Patients’ Association helpline appeal is beginning to die down.  So now let’s look at their longer term strategy for improving elderly care, which is to appoint independent matrons to hospitals … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain 2”

Two days after the Patients’ Association and Daily Mail campaign to improve NHS care of the elderly started, it continues to attract attention.  Thanks to the information provided through the Patients’ Association helpline and the continued excellent coverage in the … Continue reading

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“Neglect Shames Britain”

I have often criticised the “Daily Mail” for it’s over sensational headlines, particularly those that raise unnecessary fears for older people.  The title of this blog is their front page headline of the 2nd December and for that they deserve … Continue reading

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“The £140 Pension Illusion”

This is a story about the cynicism of politicians and the fickle nature of press reporting.  Sadly it’s about an issue of great importance to the elderly.  The presentation of The Issue has the power to raise and destroy hope … Continue reading

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“Mice on the move”

Since first writing about the problems mice are having these days – see “Mouse traps become bridges” dated 1 April 2010 – it seems that the issue is much more widespread that I thought.  Today the Daily Mail reports that … Continue reading

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