“Mice on the move”

Since first writing about the problems mice are having these days – see “Mouse traps become bridges” dated 1 April 2010 – it seems that the issue is much more widespread that I thought.  Today the Daily Mail reports that another 3 mouse bridges have been built near Pontypridd at a cost of £190,000 !

That is not far from where I grew up, but I don’t remember mouse travel being such a problem when I was young.  Indeed, the traps we had were designed to stop mice traveling quite so far.  Thank goodness we now have environmental consultants who, for a small fee, can advise us about mouse rights.

Since the previous article was about mouse bridges in Somerset, it occurs to me that mice may wish to cross the Severn Bridge.  I wonder what the mouse toll should be ?  Maybe half a pound of cheddar.

If more and more mice are being killed on the roads each year, perhaps we should have a Department of Mouse Transport or a Mouse Czar.


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3 Responses to “Mice on the move”

  1. john graham says:

    Since first writing this blog over a month ago, I’ve not had any comments from which I assume that you’re not overly concerned about mouse rights. Thank goodness some of your elected representatives take this issue more seriously. On the 28 September, The Times reported that Town Councillors in Paddock Wood, Kent voted against a housing development of 600 homes, not because they were being built on a mouse habitat, but because they feared that domestic cats may be “too dangerous” for the local Hazel Doormice.


  2. David W Freeman says:

    Mice on the move, badgers in the tunnel: As a item a great headline where do you stop looking after animals and look after fellow old and young and infirmed humans. It is a an emotional roller coaster where compassion is the name, and some one somewhere incurrs the wrath of us all, but at least they care for something some animal or persons less well off than us. Can you say you care? All emotions in moderation-Newspapers are there not to tell a story but get paided for the story?

  3. David Evans, Cardiff says:

    Nominations for Mouse Czar:-

    Tom Mouse the Tank Engine would keep things on the rails.

    Micky Mouse would bring humour to the House of Commons.

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