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A Growing Koan

Things grow slowly every day Imperceptibly Until one day You wake up and realise it’s grown.   It happens to forms in the NHS And to managers to fill in the forms. But as beds shrink to pay more staff, … Continue reading

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Reluctant Benefits Koan

The path to benefits entitlement, is not paved with enlightenment. Benefits Streets aren’t paved with gold. They are more like illusory rainbows.   Reform is beset by political indecision. Met swiftly with opposition derision. The virtue of benefit is washed … Continue reading

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Blog Koan?

If a tweet equals 142. How many characters does it take to make a conversation?  

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Weather Koan

Another wet and wind-torn day, the weather just won’t go away.   Setting the disturbed mood of awakening, but the outlook will soon change.   A bright new dawn awaits. Time to get the wind in your sails.

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Blogging ?

In 2017 I wrote 3 blogs a week. A target I set myself, but a treadmill I didn’t seek.   Quality not quantity are the new order of the day. Creativity and imagination, better watchwords than numbers.   But there … Continue reading

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News not News

News is not news  when it’s old. Nor when it’s about the old.   Bed-blockers and pill-poppers, costing the NHS a fortune. Reminded of it every year. Lest we forget.   When news is old it’s history. History like the … Continue reading

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Clutter, Time, Space.

The link between clutter and time and space is endlessly interesting. At least it is if it’s raining and you’ve got nothing better to do. Clutter only accumulates over time. If you have more space you have room for more … Continue reading

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