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News not News

News is not news  when it’s old. Nor when it’s about the old.   Bed-blockers and pill-poppers, costing the NHS a fortune. Reminded of it every year. Lest we forget.   When news is old it’s history. History like the … Continue reading

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Clutter, Time, Space.

The link between clutter and time and space is endlessly interesting. At least it is if it’s raining and you’ve got nothing better to do. Clutter only accumulates over time. If you have more space you have room for more … Continue reading

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Trawling the deep

Trawling the depths of my Internet mind. Digging around in the years far behind. Unlocking the lost, Expanding the new. Remembering what I once knew. Joining the dots of today, To the clutter of yesterday’s

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Where am I going 2 ?

A day’s gone by and I still don’t know where I am going. Time relentlessly driving me forward to an unknown destination. BUT IT WAS ALWAYS THUS.   The day I was born, I couldn’t know. In my teens, I … Continue reading

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Where am I going?

I have lost my focus, so I am rambling. All over they place, at fast and slow pace.   But I am still rambling, which maybe was always my way. I didn’t know where I would end up  then and … Continue reading

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My Garden Age 70

My garden is growing faster than me,  steadily,  constantly, relentlessly. Some of the trees, shrubs and flowers, were there before me and will be there after me.   I was born into my garden age, to nurture the things around … Continue reading

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Aimlessly Aiming

It’s a dryin’ lovely, Michalmas daisy kind of day; A bulb planting, sow the seeds of spring beginning. The old age starting of a new life, a year at a time. My Garden Age.   Less of a young years … Continue reading

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