Belated Spring Koan

It seems like I was a bit premature

Because the next day it rained as well.

Today the sun and the flowers rebelled

They decided, all on their own, that spring has sprung.


The Robin’s nesting

She can’t wait for the rain to stop.

Daffodils and redcurrants blooming

But no cherry blossom yet.

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1 Response to Belated Spring Koan

  1. David Freeman says:

    I wish to enter this spring enjoyment, with the sage of reason, and just question life at large?
    We are now looking forward to the commonweath games, then the grand national, and i suppose tennis at queens and wimbledon, and the English cricket season. Plus the football cup final.
    I am or was a child of birth in 1942, and a council school education, and a social atmosphere of hardwork/marrige with love, and if lucky/blessed with family.
    Going back to school, the old leather foot boots, the single cricket pad as a one went into bat, rounders against the girls on sports day, and swimming to learn lifesaving techniques. What i am trying go on about? Is school lessons were for and formative in developing a career. The P.E. and sports periods were for development of the body, and community comararderie, and yet today we appear to have sport [all branches-sexes] now deveoping into a career!! Not forgetting the paraplegic sportspersons.
    We appear to now promote politicians, cooks, and. School teachers, as leading careers, with the understanding and utalisation of the worldwide web!!! Where are the grafters who make things, or help make and service manufacturing. The emphasis on living has gone from creating things and friendships, to instant gratification, like a bet on a winning horse, or scoring a goal, or winning a trophy at some reknown worldwide event?
    I just wonder who are we?and who are we? Do yo know yourself:my reader of this web site, i wonder.
    A question for the SAGE?

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