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“Over the sea to Skye ?”

A small piece of research done at the University of Edinburgh found that people who can speak more than one language get dementia up to five years later than those who don’t.   It is thought that this is because … Continue reading

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“My Country Garden”

Everyone needs a garden in their life.  Not necessarily a literal garden, just somewhere where things can grow.  Everything from plants to ideas to children to peace of mind. Right now at six o’clock in the morning, I am sitting … Continue reading

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Dream Chocolates

It has to be too good to be true – anti-wrinkle chocolates. Just 3 a day smoothes wrinkles away!  Not only that, research on this new product also suggests it may lower blood pressure and improve memory. This could be … Continue reading

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Always look on the Bright Side of Life

Positive mental attitude is a quality in people, employers always look for when recruiting new staff.  They frequently quote the phrase “attitude is one thing, it’s difficult to train for”. Judging by some research recently carried out in America – … Continue reading

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Magic of New York’s Central Park

On the 19 May I was writing about Westminster City Council’s attempt at trying to enhance Hyde Park in London for older people with exercise equipment.  Perhaps they could take some pensioners to New York and do some park benchmarking, there … Continue reading

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Follow up to “No Gumption”

6.45 am – looking out of my sixth floor window of the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York – still not yet adjusted to American time.  The city is just waking up.  A few taxis racing by but … Continue reading

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Walking the Dog

At 7am in New York, the street walkers come out – not the late night variety. First are the power walkers – trainers, shorts and one, two or three unwashed, unpressed, faded, baggy tee-shirts.  Bottle of water in hand, rushing to … Continue reading

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Cast Adrift

On board with 2000 others in the luxury of Queen Mary 2.  Endless free, excellent food served by the politest of waiters.  Indeed the service for everything is first class. The average age of the passengers must be at least 70, probably … Continue reading

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No Gumption

Westminster City Council, presumably in a quiet moment when there was nothing more important to do, worked out that it costs £100,000 to remove chewing gum from their streets each year; 10p a time apparently.  A deep clean would cost … Continue reading

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76th Birthday? Move to the Country

As I write this blog sitting in my quiet country cottage garden, I may be about to be joined by thousands of older people.  An official report by the Government Office of National Statistics confirms that you are likely to … Continue reading

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