It’s all clear to me now !

Litotes popped into my waking head today.

I knew I knew the word,

But, I had no idea what it means.

A figure of speech long forgotten.

So I Googled it as you do,

for a clue.

To a quiz I had accidentally entered.

Google told me,

it means “simple” in Greek.

But it’s still Greek to me.

The Oxford English Dictionary explained:-

it’s a double negative

which is really a positive.

So that’s it then !

Clear as a bell !

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3 Responses to It’s all clear to me now !

  1. Confusion, the bell is tolling, I can hear the ring, but you sir have perplexed me. Did you, do you intend to confuse, I am but a simple sailor, and my experience does not go into the ways of the greek Navy and its language??? It is not as clear as a bell I am floundering on the mud flats as I try to navigate my way through the navigational ‘Rules of the Road’, and I trust I reach my safe harbour!!!! Regards David. ________________________________

  2. Again young man you have disturbed my piece, or is it peace??? I have conferred with the more recent Chambers English Dictionary, and the one, one word answer to you is ironical, or I conferred with my Oxford English Concise Dictionary { which Mum and dad bought me as I set about my career as an marine engineer apprentice- going to college to be educated in an Ordinary National Diploma-Mechanical-], and here I must quote ‘Understatement’ as such it implies a ‘scoundrel of a word’?? so Hey You John, yes you sir are being a ‘scallywag’ with the English language.

    Regards David, another Greek God, or is that your saviours name???

    Answers please on a post card, especially you ‘Gloliath?’

  3. double edged meaning, I crave you and every ones understanding of this evenings national news [Thursday 14 11 2019] especially with the very bad reviews of help/aid/care in the NHS especially for the very elderly, ages quoted 84+.
    What is required is compassion and understanding of all concerned: families/carers/NHS nursing staff and medical professionals??
    And the closing comments were these conditions for the elderly would not improve in the near future as the UK Population is aging generally for the foreseeable future, and there expectations of help need to be improved, by the general NHS Establishment\/
    \this leads one to the bible saying of 3 score years and 10 is a fair age? Where does one go??? we must as a society remain compassionate, and truthful to the saying that life is sacred: However should life become untenable are we looking at a society where euthanasia is practiced without compassion [The elephant in the room]??? What say you?
    All the generations and family relationships need to be guided by good common sense and compassion!!!!

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