LLLP – King Bodj

We are now in the fantasy land that surrounded Bodj in the period between him triumphantly securing a deal with the European Union, and then coming back to Earth with a bump when he got back to the UK Parliament.  We have temporarily ended up in a parallel universe where Bodj can imagine a whole new world for himself.

It didn’t take long running the European Super Power before Super President Bodj got bored.    He had already vanquished all the other European Presidents to be Country Caretakers looking after all the toilets and manhole covers in Europe.   What more could he do ?

Then one day he woke up with a thought.  Another great Bodj idea 🤡

What about becoming KING !   He had never been a king before.   It could be fun?  All that dressing up …. and uniforms ….  and medals …..and State Banquets …… and horse drawn carriages    ….. and parades  …. and palaces … and his very own flag.

Super President Bodj always believed in the monarchy, especially now he was to be KING.

Being a student of history Bodj decided to model himself on Henry VIII.   This was because he liked the idea of having several wives, although he didn’t plan to behead any of them, so he may have to become a Mormon.   This arrangement had the advantage of meaning he didn’t have to cover up his many affairs in future.

Once Bodj became King of All Europe, President Tramp thought it would be a good time for a State Visit, so that he could do a trade deal with Europe.   He brought with him his beautiful daughter Ivanka.    Ivanka quite liked the idea of becoming the first Queen of All Europe and readily accepted King Bodj’s proposal of marriage.  She hastily explained that it was “fake news” that she was already married.

The trade deal was struck.    Europe would import all the chlorinated chicken that the USA could produce and in exchange America proposed that Bodj and Ivanka become King and Queen of America and All Europe, which henceforth would be called “Bigger Bodjland”, because everything in America is bigger.

President Tramp was delighted with the best deal ever in the whole world and said that he would open Tramp golf courses in all the capital city parks and build Tramp Towers in the most prominent city locations.     Starting with one in London where the Houses of Parliament used to be, one in Rome where the old run-down Colosseum is sited and then one to replace the Eiffel Tower, which wasn’t required now they had one in Las Vegas.


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2 Responses to LLLP – King Bodj

  1. this load of ”b==ll===s ‘ deserves a response? just wait a minute while I console my, sorry extract my finger from my fundamental orifice, and respond in non anglo saxon English manner, but maybe gaelic ‘pooch my hoone’? if I am correct. Come in the LLLP comments/remarks page..

  2. Thinking
    What a piece Dear John has whipped up? King BODJ, President Tramp, and the European Union, after the the forth coming UK parliamentary elections.
    My prior comments as to the basic use of flowery languages, still stands, and I must now commit myself to the Last Laugh Loonie Party for common sense!!!! and a most in depth appreciation of our current UK Political massinations that are being discussed in the media at present??
    It is most enlightening that messes Tramp and BODJ are acting like The excellent Lunatics that they are? Pussy footing around Europe, and treating the other nations leaders in the European Leaders as subservient to their wishes of world trade and relationships, that is the gospel according to the blog and this weekends media?? Now what does the LLLP wish to believe as of this weekend 10 11 2019, the political parties within the UK election campaign are challenging each other, Labour, tory, lib dems, green, scottish nationalist party, the Ulster Or Northern Irish Parties, greens, and welsh nationalist, and the independents? They are all concerned that Jeremy, the lib dems, the tories and britex party under the divine guidance of Mr Fararge as splinting the populous of the UK so we have a a parliament with no one majority or should I interpret that as no back bone, or positive objectives. It is all most sickening, and ‘’fodder’’ for a Lunatic asylum..
    AS for BODJ being King, I detest the suggestion, as a loyal citizen of the UK with an existing crowned head of state, with aplomb and decorum ‘Queen Elizabeth.
    I am totally confused and as this is ‘remembrance day’ It is a time for being responsible, and counting the voting time down to December the 9th.
    Hallelujah, call on the Sally Army and the word of the ‘LORD’!!! for salvation??? Vote for the LLLP!!!

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