LLLP – Emperor Bodj

Not satisfied with just becoming King and Queen of America and All Europe, King Bodj now turned his attention eastwards.     In Bodj’s muddled historical mind, he reveered the images of Hannibal challenging the Roman Empire, because he liked the idea of charging forth on a herd of elephants, which he thought would fit his new image.    This had little to do with expanding his empire and he vaguely remembered that Hannibal was defeated in the end.     So he thought he would rather be Genghis Khan and add the Mongol Empire to his collection.     Or maybe it was Marco Polo that he wished to emulate and travel the Silk Road to China.   Bodj often found himself in two minds 🤡

Whichever way he went, King Bodj saw new territories to be conquered and he very much liked the idea of Bodjland becoming a new Global Empire linking America, Europe and China into the New Bodj Empire.


P.S.    Of course, this may all come crashing down, if Bodj fails to win the UK General Election on 12th December, or even if he just loses his seat as an MP for the Constituency of Hayes and Harlington.

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3 Responses to LLLP – Emperor Bodj

  1. all this political nonsense, and BODJ as Hannibal, king, and a mogul? I may believe he is more of a suffragette, a female in mans clothing seeking to be addressed as a master rather than a ‘MISS’?
    His head is up his proverbial orifice, I am still waiting for that dynamic leader to stand up and be counted as a possible leader of the UK nation.

  2. I believe we should all sponsor, all though maybe not believe in? as a parliamentary possible leader is that leader in children’s story’s{ I quote ”PUFF the magic Dragon”; someone of believes and breathes ‘Fire and Brimstone’ and yet has the failings of a human, with his heart in the correct place!!!!
    Some one from a ‘fairy tale to whom you may admire, and yet believe in???? Vote for the LLLP!! We have the ideas, and if you are alert the tenacity to speak the truth??:However unpalatable that may be!!!

  3. By the way with our support of the LLLP [Last laugh Loonie party, I note on the tv evening news last Thursday 16.00 [15 11 2019] the close of parliamentary nominations, we did not make the list? Shame?
    However I note the Raving Loonie Party of the UK won maybe 5 nominations so like me the lunatics still abound, an ”spout common sense” now an again’?
    It is all to play for BODJ, can you with the others-Lib dems; labour; greens and snp, ; ulster national grow/develope policies’ that would mean a common consensus and a united UK Nation??? Come on buck up your ideas< less of yout ''tomm foolery? Please.

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