I could become a writer,

a wordsmith fighter.

Or a puffed-up politician,

with views blowing with the wind.


Throw a pebble in a pond

and watch the waves goodbye.

Or greet the Daily news,

with just another sigh.


I ought to be an asteroid,

powerfully coming from afar.

An idea shaped in heaven

landing like a star.


A new elderly superhero



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2 Responses to STONE THOUGHTS.

  1. now then, you wonderful wordsmith? I may and do admire your words of wisdom, However I must refer to TV BBC and the programme of ”Master Chef= the professional”’, and I note from the series the start of the rounds as the ” Initiative test” to see who could/can con-cocked the nearest dish to that of the test-setter, in style, and presentation and most of all taste???
    Dear John your taste and words are wonderful, and I look forward to your outer space and mind setting experiences you have for our forthcoming UK Politicians and the furore of the forth coming general election in the UK.
    I hope you do not forget the Last Laugh Loonie Party, we may not be in the official pollster returns: However we have and still have an opinion in the ether on the community of the ”WEB”.
    Strike home you lovable ‘meteorite’

  2. Nhsreaders
    Here is a dear reader missive, by yours incorporated.
    The ‘’daily Howler’’as I may know it The Daily Mail Saturday 23 November 2019-London, and a head line -’’ NO More GP Doctors Home visits’’ and continued on page 2, with screeching rhetoric?? Does it make sense?? To You?? did it make sense to me?? and what are your comments.
    The upshot was inter-mating that home visits to the house bound and in-firmed would not change!!!
    However from my personal experiences to date, as a fit and able bodied person, I must engage in this ‘Rhetoric’ and review what I humbly experience.
    Should one wish at a GP’s surgery an appointment, one may nominate a GP Doctor, even of one’s choice-however one must be a patient and accept the allotted surgery appointment. Should one desire advice, then one may be requested to see a Surgery practising paramedic, who has the where with all to advise but not prescribe certain medications. So this is reality, in my experience personally.
    I now wish to throw a pebble in the water? And question each of you=’’What do you expect or demand from the NHS GP’s surgery policy/policies?
    You have the case for the very young, the working population, what here? Do you accept that the first port of call is ‘Accident and emergency call 911’ and the telephone advice they may offer, or demand a 999 Blue light call out for a paramedics and an ambulance. Your call??
    Again it may depend on who you are, and ones personal expectations of a NHS service.
    If one is unfortunate and in-firmed and house bound, and on the NHS GP’s surgery register, has one the ‘right’’ to demand a doctor, or is it the right to demand medical attention, and may that be given by a GP’s surgery Paramedic, who may refer you to a practice doctor for a further consultation.
    Think and think hard, we are all part of a community, and depend upon each of us being tolerant and understanding.
    I now come to the aged and older in-firmed person, for what ever reason they may be discharged for hospital into the home residence -NB NOT a ‘CARE or NURSING HOME’, and there may be many complexed financial and personal reasons for requiring a home visit from a GP Doctor? Here the waters get murky and emotional, and may cross ethical boundaries which will require understanding from the visiting doctor, the immediate family and the wishes of the patient. There is no easy solution, but the general wish for a doctors visit GP or a qualified paramedic in these instances of a home visit require careful and very good medical records being kept by the GP’s surgery to help support the visiting medical practitioner.
    This leads me onward and upward to ‘’LIFE IN later LIfe’! Should one live reside in a care home or nursing home, one has access to medical help and support, and dignity in a life style, of ones choosing.
    Should one in later life retirement wish an active life and domiciliary support, including a well being advisor, one could may have elected to reside in a ‘’RETIREMENT VILLAGE COMPLEX’’ of some 250 to 300 residences/apartments within an estate, and here I note GP’s surgeries visit the ‘Complex’ on given dates and the doctors GP’s run a day surgery on the site complex, of which part of the day may be a ‘Nominated apartment visit? Of a group of apartments visits?
    I would observe an overall cost saving in a doctors time and funds, offering a form of home visit.
    IT is not for all, but there again life is full of choices, and ‘demands’ sometimes can be met in a most rewarding way, both to the organisation =in this case the NHS and the individual resident within a retirement village, so adding satisfaction to the choices made, of how one may wish to live??
    The end.

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