LLLP Umun Rites.

The Last Laugh Looney Party 🥳 will defend everyone’s rites, especially the rite to be STUPID.    They are pleased to see that all the other parties are learning from them  and doing stupid things too.

Here is a few fings  what we want :-

  • The rite to paint on walls everywhere, just like Banksy.
  • The rite to have what you want, when you want it.
  • the rite to be on TV in Gogglebox and other intelligent programs.
  • Why shouldn’t you go on University Challenge just because you haven’t been to University ?
  • the rite to global warming, it will save a lot on energy bills.
  • the rite to go to demonstrations and shout slogans just like MP’s.
  • The rite to buy people’s votes for the LLLP with there own 💰
  • there must be lots more rites that we want, but we can’t think what they are rite now.
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2 Responses to LLLP Umun Rites.

  1. my first reaction is total banboozlement, and nonsense?????? I need time to consider, what I may paint on the walls, give an answer to in university challenge, or even burble into my gravy, my deepest thoughts. The LLLP has confounded me, I believed it to be a collection of ”souls” with minds so distressed with modern living that they just wish to ‘air’ any beliefs they may have? ::-However within the bounds of societies respect for other persons behaviour and an admission of what may be ‘right/wrong, and within societal behaviour! After all a lunatic is only a societies definition of one of life misfits, and yet through the Last Laugh Loonie Party we may be expressing thoughts and ideas, where society has metaphorically let us ”DOWN” as a human being and social engineers in a world loving society.

  2. Stupid/stupidity
    Dear John, what has got this ‘OLD GOAT’ cavorting and doing handstands in the nude, while looking in the mirror, at my gentle age of 77 is your latest Blog-LLLP Uumm, and in the first few words? To be exact the word ‘STUPID’!!!!!
    I most passionately wish to take um-bridge with you??? I do not forgive you too easily: I have had to make reference to my copy of the ‘Chambers Concise dictionary and the , or their definition of the word ‘STUPID’ quote- showing the lack of common sense, comprehension, slow to understand, dull-witted,, and a little more. Now then the definition of a LUNATIC- law of unsound mind and not legally responsible for their actions taken, and then LOONY{ LOONIE} is- some one who is mad! And then the definition of this is{MAD} is–mentally disturb/ insane, and then – : or senseless foolish, extravagantly carefree.
    Now me Lad what are you?? One thing is not ‘STUPID’?? but we may [You and I and the other readers} Be Mad and here I draw on the definition, senseless foolish, extravagantly carefree. WE have the right to have our own thoughts within ourselves, and to utter our most extreme thoughts, within the bounds of society, and to some extent, acceptable behaviour, with tolerance for those within our society may express such ideas in an unsociable manner of behaviour.
    While we may support the ‘web’ and our group of followers for the LLLP, I for one am confused about this modern world of ours, and in particular the ‘Worlds Political Leaders’, and their allegedly behaviour and actions, in word and deed as expressed by the media, including the world press and TV andRadio Broadcasters and their Stations.
    I am a free thinking spirit but not a totally ‘stupid idiot’, I just belong to the LLLP of the John Grahams society. MOTTO- ‘’‘how about the oldies of this world, and I am thinking of tomorrow.’’’!!!!

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