A Year of Confusion ?

We have dug a big hole for ourselves.

We might have been going in the wrong direction with Europe.

But now we have swapped it for no direction at all.


Our politicians have all been found out.

Their answer is to spend more money.

When we need to spend less.


Climate change we can’t control.

Values we don’t live up to.

Laws broken with no redress




The good news is most of us are living well.

It’s the news that creates the living hell.

So turn off the tele, stop the papers.

Unplug your phone, disable your computer.




Say hello to someone new.

Find something new to do.

But if you live like a hermit,

you probably need a permit.


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2 Responses to A Year of Confusion ?

  1. EEE! By GUM Lad! I need time to pause and think?
    You have issued in your ‘Blog’ Reflections, and a little time for one to pause and think?
    The actual ‘Blog’ entitled-a year of confusion is thought provoking, and each one of us as readers must contemplate a basic set of questions for life after this 2019 December general UK Elections, and an even more basic one?
    ”What do we wish our next government/parliamentary governing Party to provide us with in the form of beliefs for the UK Nation as a whole, and not just ”load of hot air and hogwash promises”???
    One of the more telling and interesting insights into the thinking of what we, the Oldies May wish for! [and what Dear John Graham’s life times work in the ‘The Extracare Charities TRust Coventry’ and Hanover Housing for the elderly, and the older generation in the City Of Coventry, with the Coventry Churches Trust]
    If you are a follower of John’s blog on a regular basis, John is often controversial, but very thought provoking!!!! Here is you look at the foot of this above blog [and every blog issued], you have listed =RELATED Topics, usually 3 titles to browse. These titles if one has the inclination, and the time are interesting, and riveting, in the many of or the few comments that have been passed by readers, and display John’s foresight into a wider, but sometimes/not always wiser discussion into how us ‘Oldies behave’, and there again—”’What tickles our fancies”’.
    Can you be tickled as Ken Dodd would ask with his tickling stick? only you know the answer to that dear reader?
    Answers on a postcard please?

  2. I am all at sea a distressed seaman, in /on a raft the ensign flying upside down, and a knot in its middle! [A universal signal for assistance required?}.
    Money has no meaning, but has one,:Just how does one survive? drinking sea water, going mad????
    We all need compassion and understanding. Possibly a lead from the LLLP may make sense of the whole situation: Or are we all mad including BODJ and the other politicians of the day.
    All is up for grabs, including ones sanity???

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