News not News

News is not news 

when it’s old.

Nor when it’s about the old.


Bed-blockers and pill-poppers,

costing the NHS a fortune.

Reminded of it every year.

Lest we forget.


When news is old

it’s history.

History like the news,

Often repeats itself.

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1 Response to News not News

  1. David Freeman says:

    Subtle very subtle! Keep going john! It is not who invented the wheel? But who could repair the cart with a new wheel? Everyday on here is not an old “Greek day” but a “”eureka”” moment of total enlightenment!!!
    Not forgetting a good giggle as we look at each of our fobles, and then cast a pebble into the pond??
    Trust me ? we maybe old but I believe we are not the ‘old fools’ just yet!!!

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