Pill Popping Popularity

Ever since I started this blog in 2010, I seem to have been writing about pills.  It is often a daily topic of conversation amongst elderly people, just like the weather.  ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on “Pills” in the Tag Cloud )

My first post on the subject was entitled “A Pill for Everything” and underlined the expectation that many older people have, that every time they visit the doctor they come away with another pill.

Now a recent study by the Cambridge Institute of Public Health has confirmed the dramatic increase in pill consumption that has taken place since then.    Half of all pensioners are taking at least five drugs a day.  A number that has quadrupled in the last two decades.   Only 7% take no drugs at all.

This is partly explained by the ageing of the population and partly it is due to the introduction of new drugs.   But one other factor may have made a difference and that was the bonus system that the Government used to incentivise  GP’s to prescribe more pills!

Little wonder therefore that GP medication reviews, which are supposed to cut back on unnecessary drugs, don’t seem to happen as frequently as they should.

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3 Responses to Pill Popping Popularity

  1. david w freeman says:

    I just wonder who are the ‘Cambridge Institute of Public Health are [I will check their web site?] In the meantime I note the pills and potions that are around, and some now are to be administered by non prescription, over the counter at a cost? to the over retirement age OAP’s, if they can afford them??? a mute question?
    I now wish to take a more holistic approach and just gently ask the questions raised in earlier bloggs under this websites topic of assisted suicides! Not a bright subject, but i believe a thoughtful one-rather deep and in the sub concious?
    We are as a population aging all of us and we as a mass are enjoying now our late 70’s, 80’s and some 90+. Medicine and the medical proffesion are advancing in means and ways of improving old age living! However have any of you stopped to wonder who are the guienia pigs? who have helped this research to the level of what we enjoy today?? If you think dep enough you will relaise it is ‘YOU AND I’?
    Do we undertake these decisions lightly, and is it assisted suicide if one dies undergoing treatment for the benifit of us all, or is it the fault of the medical profession? and a way to disptch/reduce us oldies to our maker?? answers on a postcard please. addrees as normal Regards.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    i apologise for my spelling errors David

  3. David Freeman says:

    The Cambridge institute of public health, I must bow my head! I see they are part of the Cambridge university, not just the university’s of Cambridge. What a learnered and august body of research..

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