BREXIT Negotiations Stalled

The Last Laugh Looney Party recently helped with the Brexit discussions with Mr. Junket and successfully negotiated some of the more important issues for older people namely :- small print, packaging and gadgets.   (You can see all my earlier posts on this subject by clicking on “LLLP” in th Tag Cloud.)

Then it stepped back and left Mrs T. Dismay and her cabinet to make progress on smaller issues like trade and exit costs.    Unfortunately they seem to have got stuck on the ever thorny issue of Ireland.

So the LLLP has been asked to come up with some options to break the deadlock.  We don’t really understand what the problem is because we came up with the following ideas after a few drinks at O,Neil’s, in no time at all :-

  • a Berlin style wall on the border with Northern Ireland, with only one crossing —— Checkpoint Paddy.     No passports needed, you just have to talk your way through with the gift of the gab,  or prove you can drink 12 pints of Guinness and still walk in a straight line.
  • Rename Northern Ireland —— “ENGLAND”   Simple as that !
  • Sell Northern Ireland to the European Union for £40billion and let them deal with the United Ireland question.
  • A big punch up in Yate’s wine bar on a Friday night.   Probably won’t resolve anything, but to be sure, they can always  come back the following Friday.


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1 Response to BREXIT Negotiations Stalled

  1. As a yorkshire man I require a boarder post on the Nont Sarah’s pass in the Pennies to keep those lancashire men and those Paddy’d from the Ferry port of Liverpool at bay?
    Maybe I favour Stranraer and that crossing? Too conversations both in Gaelic! Och thoe nou Jock? or words to that effect, with a toast of Whiskey? Whisky?
    What I do with my relatives, and fellow workers, Well I must kiss the ‘blarney stone’ Hold a ‘Kaliee’ and trade in a free manner with My Tartans, and brands of Houch, and have a celbration feast of roast beef and yorkshire PUD? while the band plays ‘On Ikley Moor Bah Tat’ on the city walls of York.
    I am not prejudice just let us get along, the EU is ok? but not with all these stifling regulations on trade, and I suspect Monies. Maybe I am small minded and have to reintroduce the ”Yorkshire Penny Bank” for my investments- The Bank I knew as a younger child!

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