Blog Koan?

If a tweet equals 142.

How many characters does it take to make a conversation?


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6 Responses to Blog Koan?

    • john graham says:

      It could be neither or both might be right,

      • Being a student of dimmness? I have dared to go into the world of Wikipedia, and look up the phrase ‘koan’? I now see you slightly stout about the midrift sitting cross legged on a cushion on the floor in the middle of your front room, uttering words and writings of Zen Buddhism, and we the readers as followers, or if we are lucky students? Such deep thoughts you have?
        I am a mere yorkshire reared lancastrian, and seaman to boot,! The nearest i have been to deep thinking is the thoughts of ”killroy” was here!!plastered over the walls in the local gents? For one thought? And for a follow on i was unsure if you were making of alluding to a refence in the Koran? However i am saved by Wikipedia and the world-wide knowledge freely available on the internet web..
        What a day oh leader! Can i offer my ears and eyes to learn a little more of life, as i scurry now with slightly increasing haste to the doors of st Peter??
        As one is taught when younger you or one learns something new every day, until one is summoned to account as a mortal within this world i preseently know???

  1. john graham says:

    There you see I have started a conversation. From two lines of a Koan. 😋

  2. At the walls of the lost city, i sit besides you oh master, before i scurry down the wall of china, and listen, to the thoughts of zen Buddhism? Rattling with empty mind and chattering cakehole! I look forward to these innermost thoughts.
    Over!! as one would reply on an old fashioned radio telephone??

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