Google Black Hole

What if you Google something

and get no answers ?

Does it cease to exist ?

Or do you persist ?


Is there a word

that no-one has heard ?

Or once it is said,

does it stay in your head ?


If you don’t tell a soul,

is their a Google black hole ?

Where knowledge goes in

and is not seen again.


That sounds like a question

for a Oxford entrance exam.

I’ll give it a try

and see if I can.

Years ago you could have entered “Google”,

but now you’d get a zillion answers 😀

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2 Responses to Google Black Hole

  1. KOAN, what a subject matter? The lads a poet and he do not know it? Unlike me a heathen with the English language, and while ‘GOOGLE’, may be a in to greater knowledge, one has to be careful unto whom one’s web site One has landed, some are just a ,black hole! If one wishes to be affronted by the patter and diatribe of non believers of this world..
    Dear John, his Monaca is usually up in an instant if one puts JOHN Graham OBE, Or Smiles and grumbles, or again grumble smiles: Those little servants of the google web site appear to find dear john easily, Good.
    I do note from time to time AMAZON, or some other trader[s] appear to push JOHN off the ‘top of the list’, but not just yet- Thank the lord!
    As to poetry, I am lost in this world of words, I just appreciate the all ready written words, and my mind goes back to my days at sea, and a Rudyard Kipling poem of a voyage and the steam engine, and then again to my ribald verse, based upon Rudyards words.
    :- Up and down went the pistons, in and out went the rods off steel, with balls of steel, now we come to the tragic bit, there was no way of stopping it? The stopcock was left handed, in and out when the rods of steel, and so on until the machine oversped, and was covered all over in detritias{SH1t}.
    Oh dear this is a delicate subject as I eat my breakers, and just dream of my younger days, and the days out with the university students of BTH Rugby, and my after match sing a long, with the boys at the South Shields Marine Tech rugby club? I just have a few more moments please with my thoughts, goodie- I am getting to be an old codger? God Bless America, as some would say.
    I doubt if ‘Google can find all my thoughts, but the intrigue is remembering them from time to time.
    Did I have an education ??? No Not a correct one, But then I have had a life, and for that I have had good times and bad, but overall most enjoyable, and I now confess my sins now to ”DEAR JOHN”

  2. apologies if I offend!

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