Deafinately not.

For quiet a while now I think my hearing has been getting worse.   I noticed it when I had to turn the sound up on the TV.    Over the month I have had to keep turning it up a notch or two —— until there were no notches left and pictures were falling off the walls in the lounge.

We have a relatively new big screen TV, but why do they put the speakers facing out the back ?   That must be part of the problem, but, if I sit behind the TV I  won’t be able to see the picture.    Then somebody told me about sound bars.   I thought that must be a new room at the pub, but apparently it is a new gadget to enhance sound quality.     So I got one and that helped for a while.

Nonetheless I still found thar some actors were mumbling or whispering a lot, usually at some critical part of the film, which ment I lost the plot and the had no idea what was going on 😩     Finally as a last desperate attempt to correct my hearing impairment I visited the GP surgery and asked the nurse to syringe my ears.

That helped enormously —- for a while.   But now again I am having to turn the sound up again   😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

Then I read a front page article in The Times about the “thousands of complaints from people unable to hear the dialogue in dramas”.   Apparently.”Questions were even asked in Parliament “, although I don’t know what on earth MP’s are doing watching TV when they should be sorting out Brexit.

Evidently it is the BBC that is responsible for me thinking I am going deaf.   Well not just the BBC, but ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 .  I’ll bet they are raking in a fortune from all the adverts for hearing aids that you see on TV !

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1 Response to Deafinately not.

  1. Now then, as one old faggot would say to another, ”do you hear me mother”? I I here {hear?] all to see and do!
    You are not mincing your words or your actions in this piece of etiquette in writing of the words: However old chap what is it your missing on the telly, is it the new age Drama’s, and the scenes of sexual innuendo, and the fumbling in the bedclothes, can not your imagination take you there, or do you need a ‘real film’? like ”Gone with the wind” staring that icon of the silver screen; was it Clark Gable, and as a younger man you are or were able to quote each line and follow each motion in real time? You poor old bugger! Just interested in Brexit? and the modern Lunatics of Politics.
    Came in John all is forgiven, your time in life, like a ride on the boating lake is up, just land the boat and life as it is and take a long hard look at that handsome figure of a man in the mirror and dream? as you cut yourself with the wet razor while shaving, before progressing downstairs { or do you now like me live on the level?}, and enjoy your company with that of Mo, and your cup of Yorkshire Tea and a bickey, and few thoughts of the day to come, and those words to write?
    Can I hear you? No is the word!. does the telley and the radio make a noise yes?, but Molly has turned that down, this is my quiet time John with you in mind?
    Good day to you John have a happy one.

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