£Trillion Dogs

I’ve already come up with several ideas of how the £Trillion locked up in older peoples’ assets could be better used to more fully appreciate and integrate older people into society.

So here’s a big idea from Coco🐶

What about if every older person had a dog to look after🐕

Then they would have to go dog walking every day and the older people would get a lot more exercise and be healthier 🐕‍🦺

Most dogs are automatically friendly with other dogs and while they are sniffing around, their owners have to talk to each other, so this is a great way for isolated and lonely people to get out and about and become more a part of their community 🦮

Keeping their dog owners healthy will save the NHS millions of pounds, so the least that GPs should do is offer dogs on prescription 🐩

A vast increase in the number of dogs would be good overall for the economy.  Creating new jobs for adults as dog trainers, walkers, groomers and shampoo & setters.  Then there would have to be a lot more vets and pet shops in every town.

Most of all this would be great fun for both dogs and older people.  Every town, village and city could have an annual dog show.  Then there would be the biggest Crufts Dog Show ever!

🐶  🐕  🐕‍🦺  🦮  🐩


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4 Responses to £Trillion Dogs

  1. Whoof! Whoof!, Happy birthday Cocoa, from us all, or should this be Birthday wishes to John, the oldie at the other end of Your ”Lead”, or does he lead you? I am sure you both get up to mischief, at that residential home in Warwickshire, where you wander down the lanes, and along the local canal towpaths???
    You do not mention a ‘Kitty Puss” on your strolls through the park, or down memory lane?? ”Our feline friends”?
    Feline Friends, tend to wander on their lonesome, chasing that illusive companion? or in the case of ”oldies” deal with dementia, and the loneliness old age can bring about!!.
    Both a ”whoofer” and a ‘PUSSY” can be companions for us all, it just depends on ones outlook, and do we appreciate, what may be available to us in old age, if we had a little forethought, and the opportunities to discuss and then experience the possible choices one maybe able to make when at the point of retirement from an active work-life style.
    Life is not easy, but then as ‘Cocoa’ as proposes that we should mix and meet, and be friends, they the friends can have many a wonderful idea or two?? WHOOF-WHOOF!!!

  2. Dear OH! Dear! we have talked about a ”Whoofer” and a ”Pussy”, my imagination is running riot, how about ‘BIRDS’?? Do we talk as oldies like ”PARROT’s” or tweet incessantly like caged budgies? There is no answer to what we do in company of others; or behind closed doors? However is that computer/mobile-connect to the web, the same as a friend or companion, with whom one can appreciate such as a tactile relationship?? -The ‘WHOOFER” Or a ”PUSSY”?

  3. Alleluia – eureka
    Well, BODJ has woken up, projecting all sorts of solutions through his ministers? We are back to the as popular Media, and that publication the ‘’DAILY MAIL’’ of today 12 February 2020 and its front page then page 4 on the subject of the alleged Crisis in the NHS Service, and then again page 2 of the same edition the ‘’BBC and axing the licence fee’’?
    WE THE OLDIES ARE NOW ACCORDING TO THE STATISICS SOME 2O/25% OF THE UK POPULATION????? and in hots spots like lincolnshire/norfolk/suffolk and the lake district??? What next, dear reader???
    Reading the small print, these rural areas for NHS response may not improve, to assist and help the ageing population.
    ‘’BREXIT’’ those dreaded words and policies, where does the UK get her working, entrepreneurs from, or those honest workers to carry out the tasks of making the UK a productive and enviable nation of hard working, good sound and compassionate nation,
    We may have a good financial City Of London, investing and increasing the value of the £Sterling, However I still hear those words in my ears:- ‘’ A englishmans word is his bond’’, which cause me to flinch when one looks at the employment at present in the UK where it alleged the main thrust is in the financial markets/investments and all that means [money-market/foreign exchange/insurance/ect.] are we selling our soul to the highest bidder?? The dollar or some other foreign currency, can our money walk??? Are we been taken for a ride, by the very rich, whose main scruples may be ‘’More dollars/sterling please’’, and bu–er the rest of you? BODJ can you hold a candle to the light, and show us the way? Or will the winds of trade blow out our dreams.
    Where is all this money that the BODJ dreams allude too coming from??? The elderly and their assets, such as their property and pension {do I call them rights?}. It will be interesting over the term of this government to see what backbone you wish to instil in this nation the UK
    There is an elephant in the room? The elderly population??? What next as a policy???
    Page 2 the ‘DAILY Mail’
    Here lies an interesting riddle, and as a past serving merchant mariner, the current situation gives me some uncomfortable feelings.
    I am not sure if we are becoming one nation on earth looking for survival by living in another space galaxy and our ulterior motives are to achieve this objective? Or are we still a world of different nations and beliefs? Hence we as in the 20th century still as a nation need a true, honest, and impartial broadcasting national network, backed by the choice of the population {BBC}, who in their day besides the UK internal broadcasts, broadcast world wide in all forms of media?.
    I personally believe we need a national international broadcasting corporation, informing educating, and entertaining the world, on a truthful basis, without bias!!!
    I just wonder what are the men and women doing in grey suits and skirts in ‘WHITEHALL’?
    It is an interesting story to follow, and BODJ has another monetary problem to resolve.
    If you have any ideas on either the Ageing population or the BBC Licence fee, feel free to send a postcard to the usual address.

  4. is the ‘last laugh loonie Party” still the choice of the few who need home truths??

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