“Lapsed Tai Chi”

I used to do Tai Chi early in the morning in the garden most days of the week……..a while ago………..a good while ago !       Recently I have noticed my joints are much stiffer and my breathing is much wheezier.  I wonder if these things are related?

A study of Tai Chi exercises for older people was reported in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society and would seem to suggest so.    The good news is that those who did the Tai Chi were 50% less likely to sustain an injury- causing fall compared to the other group.

These results were reinforced by another analysis in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.      Reviewing studies of the benefits of Tai Chi it found improved outcomes when used as treatment for arthritis, breathing, concentration, muscle strength and balance.    As well as increasing peoples’ sense of well-being.



I had better get back to Tai Chi in the garden again.  Maybe just a little later in the morning!

PS   My memory seems to have lapsed as well, because when I looked back over my blog I found some earlier posts on the subject of Tai Chi.    In July 2011  I commented on research in  America extolling the virtues of Tai Chi for older people.   Tai Chi is certainly proving to be a useful subject for researchers, even if it needs repeating every few years!

PPS    The cartoon I used then, which I include below, is of me as the super-hero helping the older ladies in Kilsby Village Hall keep fit with some Tai Chi moves.     In truth, they are doing it and I am not!


PPPS.     When l look back even further, to September 2010, I find my first post about Tai Chi.     Perhaps I am better at writing about it than doing it 😄

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3 Responses to “Lapsed Tai Chi”

  1. in my imagination you are at the peak of ‘old age’, and that godlike creature! ‘ The ArK Angel Gabrelle’, my vision of perfection.
    I suspect if you do go back to ty chi, slow and deliberate is the message- Are the joints now creeking, and in need of lubrication, not the ‘amber nectar’, but some embrication balm, such as ‘Winter green”; which ones rugby or football trainer applied with lo-uo-ve on a cold winters day??? You lucky chap if the Tai Chi trainer is lithe, nubile, and beutiful to the eye, you may come back with a gladden heart, and a black eye from a poke in the eye with a good stick.
    Maybe this is a sign of things to come such as a thumb stick/walking stick, to go with the teeth, specs, and tupee, limp and lumbago, from or as a result of all this Tai Chi, just because the instructor is ‘Butch’, or should I say beautiful?
    Good Luck ‘Gabrielle’, bring me laughter and a happy day of memories? Remember you are my ‘Ark Angel’!!!

  2. Jon Cleaver says:

    Morning John funny you mentioned Tai Chi as I made some inquiries last week at our Village Hall about classes, alas they did Tai Chi five years ago but the attendances were not worth opening the Hall for? Maybe some advertising on the subject could prove enticing particularly when seeing the movement performed by row upon row of seasoned Chinese in the park. I have a DVD on Tai Chi alas not really got to grips with it. This is not to say we should give up hope. I remember well the time our schemes used to have regular sessions of Tai Chi memories of dear Adeline Ablett at 103 instructing others on the art. Ahh… for the Good old days!

  3. I read the ‘Blog’ before breakers, and many a giggle I have, plus my grey matter is dragged into an orderly fashion of sorts, and my thoughts all though confusing are to me logical.
    Think ‘outside the box’ I drifted and played with the word lapsed, and now I am off to my nest to have my cereals and some LAPSANG SOUCHONG, to enjoy and have those 5 minutes with my thoughts? before the actual world attacks me, and bombards me with questions here and question there! always demanding an answer????

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