“Breakfast Exercise” 6

The New York Times regularly has good coverage on ageing. Recently I was sent a very interesting article entitled “Tai Chi eases depression in elderly”, by someone who knows it is a regular early morning pastime of mine.

The report cited research at the University of California.  After 10 weeks of Tai Chi a group of 70 year olds who had previously suffered from depression, made a marked improvement.   The outcomes were dramatic – 94% improved significantly in terms of physical function and cognitive tests.

Other studies have shown Tai Chi can also relieve stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Two thirds of older people with depression don’t respond to initial drug therapy.  Tai Chi is a simple and easy to do alternative to more and more drugs.  Why don’t doctors prescribe it on the NHS?

So no excuses Pilly Galore, get out in the garden and get started on some gentle exercise.  I’ll be out there too !

tiachi2 (2)

p.s. If you have not read about Pilly Galore, click on “pills” in the blog cloud.

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3 Responses to “Breakfast Exercise” 6

  1. Maureen O'Neill says:

    Many years ago I taught , for want of a simper phase, “slow learners”. I used to do a movement class which was taught me by Veronica Sherborne (lecturer in Drama and movment) mostly based on Laban. There was no doubt that if I did this first thing in the morning the children, aged nine and ten, worked better for the rest of the day, and were calmer and more receptive. The movement was usually worked in twos and it was important that the children took care of each other. It is too long to explain all the things we did but one movement involved sitting face to face on the floor, toes touching, holding each other wrists and standing up together. This needs careful listening to each others bodies as if one pulls too hard the other stands up. Doing it so both stand up at the same time needs concentration. The point I am trying to make is that any movement, especially with other people present, helps the brain and bodies of any age. Keep up the Tai Chi. John but don’t dismiss other types of movement.

    • john graham says:

      Thanks for the interesting post Maureen. It was a good prompt for me to get out and get exercising.
      I hope you too are still body popping not popping pills 🙂

  2. New Yorker keep going you do the exercise, I will maybe watch, but I hope we both do it to music? It is more fun that way.

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