“Breakfast Exercise” 4

Teased out into the garden today, the allure of the first signs of spring, and the need to throw off my winter cold.  Started my Tai Chi routine but the deep breathing still inhibited by my blocked nose.  The antibiotics haven’t had their 48 hour slow start out of the box.  After a short while, a coughing fit is all the excuse I need to stop and sit down with a cup of tea.

An opportunity to study my garden.  Lots of daffodils well out of the ground but not yet raising their bright yellow heads.  Good job they are not in Wales, they would be late for St. David’s Day – no wonder we wore paper ones to school.  The sedum has already formed its early green florets nestled under the now dead stalks of autumn seed heads, still standing like gravestones marking last year’s achievements.  The perennial geranium leaves are just starting to show their leaves sheltered under the comforting thatch of brown leaves of yesterday.  Young growth still in need of the protection of old age until all signs of frost has disappeared.

All over the garden bulbs are forcing through the wet winter soil.  The occasional early birds are darting about catching the worm and our last year’s Robin is back again inspecting his nest – deep in the Ivy high up on the wall of the house out of reach of Charlie the curious cat.

After one of the coldest winters ——- new life, new beginnings springing from old roots.

Perhaps out of this era of economic austerity and social decline the elderly can dig deep into their years of wisdom and experience to find a new vision of later life for themslves and a learning partnership with the youth of today.

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2 Responses to “Breakfast Exercise” 4

  1. david freeman says:

    John, it is good to see you enjoy new life and the dawn of spring.
    This week Molly and I and Maureen went to Loughborough to make some arrangements for the Lovat Fields boat trip day out with the ‘Peter Le Marchant Trust’, Boat ‘Symphony’.
    On the way to Loughborough we stopped off at the Extracare Village ‘Larkhill’ for a look around. We were shown around by Ian Finnie, and I was enthralled! It reminded me of your early days at Christ Cornerstone Church in Milton Keynes in 1994/5: Where you and your team explained that while Extracare provide the buildings and edifices to leave one open mouthed: It was the residents, the people living in a village and the friends societies who give the retirement village’s life and vibrancy. This is so true.
    I have now had the good fortune to visit Risely-Warrington, Lichfield, and New Oscott in Birmingham and of course my own village Lovat Fields in Milton Keynes, together with Larkhill-Nottingham, and I am still in awe at the various architectural layouts and details, but most of all by the individual residents. It makes ‘Spring’ come every day, something to look forward too, and in the process create new memories.
    So I do get out of bed and I do shave, I like to feel good, and meet every day head on.

  2. david freeman says:

    My post should read 2004/5. I apologise for the error

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