“Walk for Life” 2

Although they have not yet won the London marathon,  it seems like the Americans are catching up with us.

Back in November last year, I wrote about some research from Bangor University extoling the virtues of 30 minute sessions of outdoor exercise (see “Walk for Life” 14 November 2o10).   Needless to say I haven’t exactly followed this advice enough – the cold weather has been my excuse.   At least I have kept up with my Tai Chi in the garden most days.  Now it looks as though I might not be doing the right thing.   The American researchers reporting to the National Academy of Sciences, showed that a programme of aerobic exercise (walking) over a year, can increase the size of your brain by around 2%.   Whereas stretching exercises like Tai Chi only increased your brain power by 1.5%.

This was a study of 120 people who had not previously exercised regularly.   Being American and loving to do things bigger and better, the study was carried out at four universities at Pittsburgh, Illinois, Rice University and Ohio State (that’s an awful lot of researchers) and for good measure they made their exercise sessions last even longer  — 40 minutes, 3 times a week.

What’s more they did their exercise on a “track” so having failed to win the marathon, they are obviously preparing for the 2012 London Olympics.

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3 Responses to “Walk for Life” 2

  1. the flower pot man says:

    Elbow exercises lifting a nice cuppa to ones lips, both lubricating the arm, comforting the stomouch and drugging one brain does wonders for ones dreams: And in this current spate of hot weather with an ice cream cornet in hand I am also exercising the jaw. Do I want More? In your dreams BoyOOY!! Let the university studies begin here, Iam all ready asleep dreaming of higher things to attain.

  2. John Graham says:

    With the limited exercise you’re planning and the seemingly excess alchohol,( I know it’s not tea in that cup) I guess the only olympic medals you’re likely to win are in your dreams! 🙂

  3. The Flower pot man says:

    With all the pills and potions, alcohol rarely touches me or my lips: I am just a well trodeen down old crock and becoming a creaking gate. What a life. But however what I do imbibe enables me to dream, the liquer is for you to determine, and my mind to suggest?? You must wait while I run to the loo before I engage you again in trivialities

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