Death Benefits ?

This is a continuation of my last blog on welfare benefits.   ( You can see all the posts on this subject by clicking on “Welfare Benefits “ in the Tag Cloud )

After a good night’s sleep and suitably admonished about my mistake over Bereavement Allowance, I return to the subject of  death benefits.   There seem to be quite a few of them, but I will start again more carefully with Bereavement Allowance.

It turns out this is one of the most puzzling groups of benefits.    At first glance there seem to be a lot :-

  • Bereavement Allowance ——- was previously called War Widows Pension, it has now been correctly extended to include widowers and civil partners.   You would think if you lost a loved one in defence of our country you would be reasonably compensated, but the award is very limited.   It does not compare well with generous divorce settlements or compensation for losing your seat in Parliament.    But hold on, it has now been replaced by Bereavement Support Payment.
  • Bereavement Payment —— replaced by Bereavement Support Payment from April 2017.
  • Widowed Parents Allowance —— also replaced by Bereavement Support Payment.
  • Obviously a tidying up exercise here, one benefit replaces three others to make things simpler 😀     So what is Bereavement Support Payment ?   


At you approach the age of the Grim Reaper in you retirement years, when you or your spouse are most likely to need a death benefit, the Government is nowhere to be seen.    The classic benefit illusion.     Through all your younger days, you are entitled to death benefits, but when you come closer to your maker, the pot of gold disappears 😂

FOOTNOTE – Please note, I hasten to add that I am no expert and anyone reading this should not take my observations or figures as fact.    Hopefully before I finish this series of blogs, I will have raised awareness of some of the issues in the welfare benefits system.    If you’re intending to make a claim, you should go to one of the trusted agencies like Age UK or Citizens Advice Bureau.    

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1 Response to Death Benefits ?

  1. I hereby submit, the reading of the pages 5772 on the web are neither riveting or informative, they are just questionable, as to what one may get if married before 2017 from the ”man in the cupboard”?
    However there is always a however, with all these hand-outs I beg the question, and question one on ones interpretation of the ”other man in the cupboard” waiting to spring into life when one gives up the notice of expiring life on this ‘mortal planet” the ”TAXMAN” does he remain silent, and passive? I wonder? Here I am ignorant of tax laws, but I do know that that ‘buff envelope” when it arrives needs attending too, I cannot or at least my family cannot put the letter ‘up the flue” with me, It is more than smoke and mirrors it is money!!! filthy louker, that stuff that our saviour said at the church steps was avarice, and owed to Mormon!!

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