“A Questionable Bonus” – 2

Back in April this year I wrote a blog which questioned an idea being considered by Health Minister – Paul Burstow.  Perhaps he should have been reading it, because recent research seems to support what I was saying.

About a quarter of GPs’ total salary is linked to bonuses for achieving certain targets like measuring blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Sure enough the measurements increased and the GPs got their extra salary (£1billion in total every year !)  The unintended consequence was that in medical conditions that were not so easily measured – arthritis, dementia, back pain, depression – quality was significantly worse.  At that time there were no bonus payments for these ailments, so it is hardly surprising that less attention was paid to them.

To make matters worse, researchers at Nottingham University, who studied the high blood pressure measurements, found “little evidence” of effectiveness of pay for performance targets.

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2 Responses to “A Questionable Bonus” – 2

  1. Ahhem! Where do all these bonus ‘s go? A doctors job of work I thought as well as a profession was a vocation and calling? Another little bonus for doing ones job: I think not, a stiff word and a gentle kick up the backside, and if I am being rude a frank and open discusion on the renumeration for the medical profession. If you sue me then I would also say the legal profession is no calling but a cuckoo in the nest, and ask who or to whom are you paying your hard earned money too?

  2. Maureen o'Neill says:

    Certainly a questionable bonus. The Doctor recently said he wanted to check my various blood readings including cholesterol levels!
    He filled in a form (about half a minutes work ) the nurse took my blood and sent it to the hospital, they did the various tests – rather more work – and sent the results to the doctor.
    Why did he get a bonus for this? The money would be better spent on the nurses etc..
    I am presuming the results are OK as I still haven’t heard any thing from the doctor. The bonus probably doesn’t include telling the patient the results!!!

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