GP Gatekeepers

At the start of this month, I wrote about GP’s being at the front line of the NHS and their role as gatekeepers to other clinicians.     Now some of the most talented managers in the Clinical Commissioning Groups have come up with a way of reducing referrals to consultants and other hospital services.

It is an idea worthy of the Last Laugh Looney Party 🙂

They are going to pay GP’s NOT to refer patients to hospital.  Wow !   Who could have thought of that ?     Breaking the link between GP’s and hospitals will save a shed load of money.

The GP’s aren’t too happy about it, but you have to agree, it is a unique idea for keeping the NHS within budget.     Of course there may be  some slight consequential damage.    A few people may die before they get old.

Some people might try and get around the new system, by calling  999 for an ambulance to go direct to hospital.     However, the cleaver NHS managers have a plan for that.     Double check-in!    The ambulance will take you to the GP surgery first, where your GP will have an opportunity to explain that he will lose his bonus if you go into hospital.

When these very cleaver NHS managers put their minds to it, I am sure they will be able to come up with a lot more ideas to save money.   Initially they will be going to a luxury NHS think tank in the ski resort of Davos in Switzerland to clear their heads and get away from the incredible pressures of being a manager in the NHS.

I will report back on the progress they are making —— on the thinking —— not the skiing.

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1 Response to GP Gatekeepers

  1. Oh dear!!! I see Switzerland is mentioned, for a the NHS managers get away to Davos, how far away is that famous retreat in Switzerland for that end of life thrill euthanasia??? Are the NHS managers now suggesting that we have group tours for those defined as terminal to this clinic, with the extended family paying the lucky few NHS managers to be the Tour guides to the clinic ”’Dygnas”???[I think that is the name?].
    The LLLP may make money or suggest that we have an insurance, or initiate one that takes a premium, and promises nothing, but a deep look into ones soul!! as a reward, counter signed by a NHS manager, so that the pay out goes back into the NHS-government coiffeurs??
    I believe somewhere on this website, this subject has been hotly discussed?

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