Coronapop Blog Infection ?

I think my blog has got Coronapop!   WordPress obviously needs better virus protection.   I don’t know how it got in ?   It must be those pangolins.

Be careful if you are reading this, because Coronapop is very infectious 🤡       You should wipe your screen every few minutes with an anti-bacterial cloth.    These are available from Amazon for just £45.     Remember to buy a mask at the same time, it is only another £45 !   It is important not to breathe onto your computer screen, in case you pass Coronapop to other viewers of this post.

Wearing a mask is advised by the Government scientists if you are closer than 2 metres to your screen, but you can remove it if you are watching food videos.   In Wales you only have to be 1.5 metres away.

Please wear gloves when you wish to type a comment and I may have to wait four days before I can send a reply, because I am shielding at the moment and will want to know that your comment is not infectious.

I am still waiting for the full Government guidelines on blogging.

If you like the blog you can press the “like” button,  it has already been vaccinated.

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3 Responses to Coronapop Blog Infection ?

  1. Hi there is it ‘M’ or ‘Q’ from the super intelligencia settings of MI5 or is it MI6, am I being warm off of language not becoming of ‘TIMOTHY’, a little lavatorial, navel, and below the belt?? I must apologise, and do as the ‘blog’ suggests, with respect!
    However I still do have my moments of bodily feeling, and I will try not to offend, and trust we all enjoy the ‘Blue beaches” {True Blue- and not those urges of the ‘Greens’} Humbug how about a red and yellow in life- Westminster are unsure where this train is heading, it is not West, on Great western railway [GWR] and Brunels wonder of this modern world and his designs of Kings and castles, not forgetting those edifices of amazement, and the storyline of a bear at Paddington???

  2. hello there! are you watching listening,? Thank you my life jacket of web defence has indicate also time for me to update my internet security? I trust it is not a sales gimmick!!!

  3. Daddioh
    AS ONE does at a certain age, in the evening sit back, and let the ‘BOX’ do the drifting and dreaming? Last night was a programme BBC2 TV #Manctopia# highlighting the current property boom in, within the Manchester district. I was intrigued, mystified and a little upset, as to ‘Where are we going in the UK’? as a social population?
    I could not detect any pride either of being a Mancunian, Lancastrian, or Brit! Gone is that feeling of working and creating something, a service or an object which can easily be used in society? The younger generation appeared, or portrayed as out of work/homeless, and their personal objectives appeared why does society not provide- Work/housing/food- as a right??? There would appear no pride in putting something into society, and then getting respect while you take out in return ‘what one has earned’? with a smile to say thank you.
    All the programme centred upon was tower blocks for housing and offices, to what effect? Has our earning power come down too a computer/isolation/ and playing/gambling on the web for a living? Earning or giving money away to some ‘google like-fellow’ in an offshore account, that pays no respect/taxes etc. to the society that it visits?
    WE are now maybe all citizens of a web world, and political/geographical boundaries do not count? The only thing that matters is ‘MONIES’ and the questions – Who are the rich/and who are the poor? Are we all fooled into this way of thinking? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address!

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